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GPS TwoNav: More new features of TwoNav version 4.7

In addition to the key new features, TwoNav version 4.7 also includes other minor features that you may find useful.


Tracks in *.GPX

This is one of your most demanded requests, and now with TwoNav version 4.7, tracks in *.GPX format do save the colour and thickness properties.

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Zoom buttons

Permanently show or hide the ‘Zoom +’ and ‘Zoom-‘ buttons in the map window. For example, you can hide them to have more space to display the map.

‘Main menu > Settings > Activity Profiles > Map View > Show Zoom Buttons’

If you decide to hide them, remember that you can keep using the physical buttons on your GPS to zoom in or out of the map.

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Scale Ruler

The scale ruler (in the map window) features a new design that’s better defined and easier to read.

Remember that you can hide the scale ruler permanently by pressing ‘Main Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles > Map View > Information Panels > Scale’.

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Screen brightness

From now on, in GPS units with a brightness sensor, the ‘Autobrightness’ function is on by default, meaning the screen sensor will automatically adjust the brightness level so you don’t have to do it manually. In addition, now you can also control the backlight in ‘Night view’ (‘Main menu > Settings > System >Display and Brightness’).

IMPORTANT: To see if your GPS device has a brightness sensor, contact support.twonav.com

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Satellites page

New page to configure the GPS connection in ‘Status bar> GPS’. In addition, if you have a Trail 2, on the satellites page, different colours will be used to identify the different geolocation networks:

Green: GPS

Lilac: Glonass

Pink: Galileo


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Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.

Tutorials GPS TwoNav

GPS TwoNav: New Multi-touch gestures

If you have a new generation TwoNav GPS with a capacitive screen (Velo, Horizon or Horizon Bike) you can now interact using Multi-touch gestures.

Multi-touch gestures means that you can perform the following gestures with both fingers at the same time. Learn how this can be used with your GPS:

– Spread: Zoom in when viewing 2D and 3D maps to see more detail.

– Pinch: Zoom out when viewing a map to see more territory.

– Rotate: Turn the orientation of the map directly on the screen.


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Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.

Tutorials GPS TwoNav

GPS TwoNav: Downloading online routes just got easier

Ever needed to download an alternative route with shortcuts during your activity? With this latest update, now you to access your routes stored in GO cloud


New distribution and layout of online routes

Up until now if you wanted to download an online route to your GPS, you could do it via ‘Main menu > Routes > Routes online’. As of the TwoNav 4.5 version, we have improved ‘Online routes’ by dividing it into two distinct sections:

– My online routes: Access to your personal user space where you can store or download your own routes (GO cloud, IGN Rando, OS Maps…). This account is linked to your user account.
– Discover online routes: Access to public routes from route providers and specialised websites (GPSies, TraceGPS, LaTrace, Utagawa…). Any user can access and download these routes.

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How to Update my TwoNave GPS


Access and download your GO cloud routes directly from your GPS.

With the latest version of TwoNav 4.5 you can now download any route stored in GO cloud via WiFi directly to your GPS (remember to configure GPS access to your GO cloud first). To do so, go to ‘Status bar > Cloud GO’.

Once connected to a WiFi network, download any of the routes stored in your GO cloud by accessing your list from ‘Main menu > Routes’, then press ‘More options’ in the bottom bar and select ‘My Online Routes’. If you have your GPS configured to automatically synchronise your activities with GO Cloud, this will not be affect by the update. Once your route is finished, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud as before.


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How to Update my TwoNave GPS


Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.