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Land: Start and finish points easier to tell apart

Do you find it difficult to tell the start and finish points of your tracks apart? From now on, in Land 8.7, this will be more intuitive. Remember: the start point will always be green, and the finish point will be red. Try it for yourself!


Everyone who works with linear tracks (tracks not circular) has at some point had problems identifying the track’s start point. In Land, it’s easy to locate the points at both ends of the route, but at first glance it’s not that easy to identify which of the two points is the start and which is the finish.

Well, starting with Land 8.7, your itineraries will show up in the map window with two points at each end of the track:

Green point: Indicates the start of the track

Red point: Indicates the finish of the track

Now you will not only know where your itinerary starts, but you’ll be able to quickly identify the direction of the track. As you will see in Land 8.7, this small improvement has also been applied in the data tree.


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Tutorials Land

Land: Improvements to the track editor

Land continues to evolve. Discover the improvements we’ve added to the track editor. Download Land 8.7 for free and try them for yourself!


Create track points on top of the track you are editing

In previous versions, Land’s track editor didn’t allow a track point on top of the track you were editing, even if your itinerary went through that point (for example: a route where at some point you go over the same path). In fact, if you did, the editing tool was automatically deselected.

This small bug made it difficult to draw paths that passed over the same road or intersected at some point.  Now, with Land 8.7 you can mark more track points atop the track you are editing.


Create intermediate track points by double clicking

Now, when editing your routes, keep in mind this new behaviour when pressing any track point:

Single press on track point: As before, the pressed point is selected.

Double press on track point: Land will now interpret you wish to add an intermediate point between the selected point and the one next to it.

Press track point and hold: As before, you can move the point to another location.


Create roadbook points more easily

Starting with Land 8.7, the way roadbook points are created changes slightly. These are the changes:

First: Assign a name and icon to the point you want to create.

Then: Move the pointer over the track until the roadbook point is over the desired location.



IMPORTANT: In addition, from now on you can also undo changes by pressing Control + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac).


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Land: Access editing and analysis tools from the route properties

In order to make Land more accessible to everyone, starting with Land 8.7, you will be able to access several frequently used tools directly from the properties of your tracks.


You just have to open the track’s properties by pressing ‘Properties’ in the button bar. This will open the properties window on one side of the interface.



Once opened, just below the track name, you will see 4 buttons. These are the tools you can use:

Open track editor: Edit the track, modify its path, add more points…

Open roadbook editor: Enhance your track by adding photos, comments…

See track graph: Analyse the track on a two-axis graph.

Send track: Transfer the track to your GPS, Dropbox, GO Cloud or via email.


A small change that will come in very handy when editing itineraries!


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Land: Open tracks from Go.TwoNav.com directly in Land

We keep changing to improve your user experience. If you use Go.TwoNav.com to check your own routes or those shared by friends, from now on you will be able to open them in Land 8.7 with just a click.


From now on, if you visit the GO web portal (Go.TwoNav.com), you will see a new button:

 ‘Open track in GO’

This button lets you open the route you are viewing in Land. GO will open the same track in Land without the need to download it manually. This way you can analyse more route data, or even modify the layout by adding more waypoints easily from Land.



You will find this button in the following places in Go.TwoNav.com:

Routes list: Next to the ‘Transfer track’ and ‘Delete track’ buttons.

Route analysis page: Next to the ‘Transfer track’, ‘Download track’ and ‘Share track’ buttons.


IMPORTANT: To open any track from Go.TwoNav.com in Land, you must use the same user account in both places.


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Land: New orthophoto map of the entire world now available

Do you need a map for your next adventure and don’t have one for the area? Download Land 8.7 right now and use the new worldwide orthophoto map. It’s free, so use it as often as you need!


Surely the first question that comes to mind is: “What is an orthophoto map?”

An orthophoto is a satellite photograph with information on the Earth’s surface. In other words, it’s an overhead photo that includes all the real elements that make up the ground layer of the earth (buildings, trees, roads…).



Follow these steps to view this new map for free:

IMPORTANT: Internet access is required to display the map.

1 – Centre the map window over the geographical area that you want the map to show.

2 – In the data tree, press ‘Online files > On-line maps > World’.

3 – Select the map in question: ‘Aerial_ESRI_ArcGIS.cwms’.

4 – The map will then be loaded. The loading process may take a few seconds.


Despite being an on-line map, you can also use it on your GPS even though it doesn’t have an internet connection. To do so, you must create a map section (portion of the on-line map that you will save on your computer). This way you can have a part of the map without having to be connected to the internet during your activity.


By the way, remember that the ‘On-line maps’ section of the Land data tree offers other free maps from around the world that you can use to plan your next outings.


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GPS TwoNav: Choose how you visualise your routes

Find your routes quickly and with ease by visualising them in the order that you want. 


Up to now you could only filter routes by name. A new ‘Sort by’ option has been added to the routes list, allowing you to choose the order of the displayed routes. 

Now you can sort the route listings by:

– Date

– Activity

– File Name (default sort)

– Proximity

– Distance

– Ascent

– Duration

– Speed


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Land: New simplified toolbar

Land 8.6 has a new interface with it’s more simplified Toolbar. Read on to discover how to use it:

In order to make the program easier and more accessible to all, we have reorganised the upper toolbar by deleting the less used buttons, leaving only the most recurrent ones like Data tree, Properties, Charts, Open map/track, Degrade color track, Track simulation , Search, Buy map etc.

In addition, as a great novelty, the new toolbar includes two new buttons in the central part:

Create and Edit Track 

New Waypoint 


If you’ve recently discovered Land, these two buttons will be very useful for you to get started and create your first itinerary. If on the contrary, you are a current Land user, don’t worry, with Land 8.6 you can continue creating waypoints and tracks by right clicking on the map as before.

However, if you prefer to display any of the buttons you previously used, Land offers you the possibility to customize the toolbar according to your needs. To add, move or remove any of the buttons, right click on the bar and press ‘Customize’.


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