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Winter cycling equipment is here

TwoNav’s “Freedom To Discover” winter cycling kit is here.

Cycling Vest

Cycling vest designed for men and women of medium or slim build. It maintains body temperature in cold and windy conditions thanks to its ergonomic fabric.

The membrane used in the front panel improves the elastic properties of protection against air, water and humidity. Fully breathable and lightweight vest made of quality clothing for maximum enjoyment on the bike.

On the back, it has three angled cut pockets.

Cycling long shirt

Winter jersey designed by Gobik. Highly breathable long-sleeved thermal clothing creating a second skin effect. It resists low temperatures and protects from rough weather such as rain or mud. Ideal for different varieties of cycling: MTB, road…

This piece of equipment combines 4 different fabrics in a single garment that is technically very complete and resistant. Specifically designed for aggressive postures on the bike thanks to its perfect fit. Achieve maximum aerodynamic performance.

It features 3 angled pockets on the back in which to put your belongings.