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In addition to these materials, the same section ‘Main menu> Help’ also contains the full Land manual. If you need to, you can also contact our customer service team and get answers to any technical questions.


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TwoNav cares. Together against the coronavirus!

This article seeks to raise awareness of how important each contribution is and to encourage everyone to take part, however they can, in this fight against the Coronavirus.
As in many other companies, our activity has changed in recent days. We are continuing to work with minimum staffing, as mandated by government agencies, in order to process online orders. But this hasn’t prevented us from engaging in efforts to make healthcare materials to help those who need it most.

Santiago Twose, CEO of TwoNav, saw the need for materials that medical workers demanded. He decided to consult 3D printing experts to provide TwoNav with the files necessary to print protective visors for healthcare personnel. After a series of tests, several 3D printers were put into operation to manufacture this essential item. According to Santiago himself, “We’re doing our part in the hope that it will make the work of medical teams easier”. We are also creating a prototype for a respirator that is awaiting certification.

In light of the situation, we had a brief discussion with our colleagues Adrián and Guillem, from production, to have them explain the process and how they feel about being part of this initiative.

TwoNav: How is the face shield holder manufactured?

Production Team: We should note that the files for designing the visors and the medical material that we used were tested and approved by the relevant institutions (hospitals, ICS). Once our printers create these parts, they are collected by a logistical team of volunteers or companies that collaborate altruistically. The material is taken to manufacturing centres, where the visors are installed and the entire unit is disinfected. A logistics team is responsible for distributing the masks to hospitals as needed.

In our case, we’re part of the Vallès Oriental and Maresme (Catalonia) manufacturing group, and our PPE is distributed to hospitals in the province of Barcelona.

TN: How do you feel about collaborating in this humanitarian effort?

EP: It’s very rewarding. This is a situation that we have to overcome together, by trying to help anyone who needs it. Teamwork has always been our company philosophy, and now we’re exporting that to a more general situation.

TN: How do you combine the manufacture of GPS units that an e-commerce like TwoNav demands, with the manufacture of shields and medical equipment?

EP: The two processes are fully compatible, since we can combine the use of the necessary machine and human resources, though the latter are very limited since we are complying with the national mandate.

TN: We know that you’re at minimum staffing to comply with the state of emergency, but what is your day like?

EP: We are very aware of the gravity of the situation and we are adhering to all the measures set out by the government agencies. All those employees who aren’t able to work from home wear masks and gloves. We have hand sanitiser in every area of our facilities and we have rearranged the spaces to ensure a safety distance of 2m. At the end of the day, we always clean and disinfect the areas used.

So, we remain committed to our customers, to make sure their orders are sent out and that the entire TwoNav team work safely, either from home or as part of a minimum production shift.


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Use of Land, by Théo Meuzard

Use of Land, by Théo Meuzard

Analysis of a route and the corresponding base map before going to the place in question.
(Course downloaded from the Internet, on a site like Utagawa for example …) Ideal for discovering an unknown area, while having all the information necessary for the outing to go well.

Choice and download of the track (here on Utagawa). Then trace loaded on Go cloud and synchronized on my GPS and Land, without any particular manipulation.

Trace and corresponding base map imported into Land for analysis. Easy import thanks to Go Cloud synchronization. Then I identify the direction of the route, possibilities to cut and lengthen the route. Analysis of the elevation and the main difficulties. I mark where I can park, possible water points etc …

Example of analysis: Analysis of the profile of the course.

Other use: Creation of my track. I create my track by hand by placing dots on the background map.

I can then analyze my journey and find out what I’m getting into.


Interview: Julien Dépagneux, TwoNav Ambassador

Julien Dépagneux, also known by @la.cote.en.rando, whom you met during our Trail2Challenge, went with a group of friends to Mont Thabor, a pic of the French Alps, located in the Massif des Cerces. We have equipped him with our new Aventura 2 GPS.

We were curious to know how he was going to find the experience of a new TwoNav device, and what impressions they had of it.

Julien of course used our Land software to create his route, to study the terrain and its elevation.

TwoNav: It’s nice to see young people fully enjoying the mountains, what are you looking for in your outdoor sports?

Julien Dépagneux: Freedom, discovery and sharing that drive me every day to explore a new place with my friends.


TN: You went with us for the Trail2Challenge with our GPS Trail 2, we are very happy that you were able to go test another device, tell me what did you think of the Aventura 2?

JD: The Aventura 2 has an impressive autonomy, even after 4 days of trekking in ski touring, I still had 28% of battery. It allowed us to find our bearings during these 4 days in a massif that was unknown to us.

TN: Who would you recommend Aventura 2 to?

JD: To all the people who wish to leave for a trek of a few days without having the possibility of recharging in electricity but wishing to have a device allowing them to find their way and explore in complete safety.

TN: Other projects for the year?

JD: Initially we had planned to leave this winter in the Dolomites, but we had to review our plans and thus canceled our visit of this region, this summer / fall I would like to take my revenge and leave to explore this region.

TN: A personal word or encouragement for the community?

JD: One of the phrases that motivates me every day in my adventures is the one that inspires a lot of people and motivates a lot of people to explore is “Getting out of my comfort zone”.

Julien’s TOP TwoNav for his trip :

  • the Aventura 2 battery
  • the Aventura Joystick really nice with gloves 
  • Land, always 😉
News, Tutorials Land

What is Land and how to create your routes

What is Land and how to create your routes

In these moments when, as much as possible, it is so important to stay at home, we invite you to continue dreaming. Why not take advantage of this time to prepare your next departure? Go ahead and take advantage of these moments!. This software, which you can download for free on our website, is the most advanced on the market and will allow you to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps simultaneously.
During the 30 days of the Trial, we encourage you to think about your next route and venture to edit it with Land. Here we explain how to do it, step by step.



First steps:

1. Open your files. Open tracks, routes and waypoints of different formats and sources

2. Explore freely around maps. Locate points of interest of your next excursion directly on the map

3. Create your first track. Create the route of your next outing in just a few clicks

4. Analyse graphs and properties. Examine your outings in detail: distances, altitudes, speeds…

5. Store your activities in the GO Cloud. Synchronize activities to your device without the need for cables

6. Rapidly transfer files to your GPS. Send tracks, routes or maps to your device in just one click

More information:

Youtube Tutorials
Read complete Manual

If you like the Trial version…




TwoNav interviews: Melcior Mauri

TwoNav interviews: Melcior Mauri

We interview Melcior Mauri, a Spanish cycling pro with more than 52 victories, most notably the 1991 Vuelta a España and 1995 Spanish time-trial championship. TwoNav has been collaborating with Melcior’s Titan Desert team for years.

On the weekend of 7 February, TwoNav was at the preparation for the Titan Desert, held in Lloret de Mar and attended by Miguel Indurain and his son Miguel, Sylvain Chavanel, Josep Betalu (who won the race in 2019 with our GPS), Silvia Roura, Bertrand Chavanel, Amael Moinard, and others.

TwoNav: We know you use Land, the TwoNav software to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps at once. Tell us about your experience. What stands out?

Melcior Mauri: I use Land to edit tracks. I analyse them, I look for distance and profile information, for example, and it gives me very detailed stats for analysing a track, whether purchased or shared by a teammate.

I like to convert tracks into TRK, which works best, in my opinion. On the one hand I collect all the analysis information, and on the other it helps me with the editing. Once everything’s ready in Land, I send it to my GPS Trail 2 and start discovering, hence the TwoNav slogan, “Freedom to Discover”.

I also like the option to change tracks while you’re making your route. Thanks to the tutorials, I can already make these changes, delete points I don’t need and even play with the colours. I would like to learn much more about Land, since it has many features that I think I can take advantage of during events such as the Titan Desert.

When I discovered this kind of GPS, I was instantly thrilled by the prospect of discovering places every day, without fear of getting lost and with the confidence this device gives you. It’s a truly satisfying experience.

TN: What can you tell us about your experience with Land and Trail 2 in the Titan Desert, in the Sahara?

MM: It’s the ideal GPS for this race. When I describe the features of the Trail 2 to my teammates, they’re amazed. Other brands have a lot of image and a lot of data, which is great, but the display, the battery life, the handling of the Trail 2 are incredible. Of course, as I mentioned, the software and the analysis that lets you record all the race information makes this pack of TwoNav products highly recommended.

TN: What technical tips would you give our followers if they’re preparing to go cycling in dunes?

MM: Recently, in the event that I organised in Lloret de Mar, the “Titan Desert Clinic”, I gave a talk and touched on precisely some issues related to tyre thickness and pressure when riding on sand.

The greater the thickness and the lower the tyre pressure, the wider the base it will have, and so the less it will sink. So it’s a question of striking a balance. The so-called fat bikes work best for this type of competition or activity.

The ideal tyre diameter is 2.35 and it shouldn’t have too many rolling knobs, so called because they help the tyre slip.

If you’re coming up on a dune, before you get to it you’ll have to lower the pressure, between 0.5 and 0.4 depending on your weight; as well as a minimum of 0.6-0.7. I think these ranges are ideal. Also note that the important thing is that the tyres stay on the rim because if they come off in the sand, the sealant will spill and you’ll be in a world of hurt.

TN: Thank you very much for your thoughts, Melcior. We hope to see you soon and enjoy your upcoming sporting events!



Aventura 2 Challenge: Summary

After finishing the Aventura 2 Challenge yesterday in the Dachstein mountains of Austria, our team of brave alpinists, already arrived in Chamonix to go back home, decided to celebrate the end of the challenge skiing in Vallée Blanche, downside the Mont Blanc. Thanks to the GPS Aventura 2, they could enjoy the good weather going down the mountain safely, allowing a spectacular finale for this risky winter challenge. They could identify every mountain around them in their GPS map of the area: Mont Blanc du Tacul, Dent du Géant, l’Aiguille du Dru, and many more.

We are very happy and proud the Aventura 2 Challenge was completed and that our team of ambassadors could celebrate with an impressive final skii route in the Alps.



Our new GPS Aventura 2 test was a success, the devices performed to perfection, in the worst weather conditions. TwoNav ecosystem allowed them to re-design the daily routes in LAND, every time there were bad weather alerts, as well as to share their position in real time with us back in Barcelona, using  SeeMe platform and upload & share all their data in the Go-cloud.