Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 4: Challenge completed!

Congratulations to the Aventura 2 Challenge ambassadors! Our team completed this winter challenge. Stefi Troguet, from Andorra, Ferran Latorre, from Spain, along with Frenchman Pierre Vignaux and German Elisa Deutschmann, with her husky Finn always at her side, were up to the task of completing the route along the Dachstein peaks, in the Hallstatt region of the Austrian Alps. Each stage was a challenge in itself, as they encountered snow, strong winds, extremely low temperatures and tough mountaineering sections en route. The Aventura 2 GPS performed perfectly and we were able to follow our 4 adventurers in real time on the SeeMe platform.





Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 3: Re-Designing the route with Land

The third stage was the hardest: due to bad weather and the high avalanche warning, our team has had to return to Hallstatt. Thanks to Land, in the morning they have been able to re-design a new route and upload it to the GPS Aventura 2, so they could return without problems to the charming little town in the Alps.





Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 2: conquering Dachstein Highest Peak

On this stage, the team travelled along the backbone of the Dachstein massif. They climbed Dachstein highest peak (2963 m) in just one day. It was a hectic and challenging day, specially due to the strong snow and wind. In spite of the risk of avalanche, our team made it to the night shelter just before the storm started. Great job team!





Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 1: crazy weather in the Alps

The Aventura 2 Challenge team started the first stage of the route yesterday, however, bad weather conditions have forced the team to rethink the route:
thanks to the Land software, they have been able to define a more direct and safe itinerary to the refuge where they have spent the night (Simoney Hutte 2,203 mt). The new route is a direct one of 14 km and 1,700 meters of unevenness. From the forests of Hallstatt to Krippenstein, the Aventura 2 Challenge team has overcome a long climb with 1,500 m of unevenness with wind and fog, a section without visibility, which has made it essential to use the GPS to get to the shelter.At 1,900 meters, the strong wind has made the new route even more dangerous. But thanks to Aventura 2, our team has managed to get safe and sound to the shelter, where they have spent the night to rest and recharge the batteries before the next stage.





Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 0: Kick-off!


The ultimate extreme winter sports challenge to test our new GPS Aventura 2

Our four explorers, equipped with the new Aventura 2 and relying on the TwoNav ecosystem to guide them through the Alps in the middle of winter, have a 64-km long route ahead of them with an elevation gain of 4,650 m. It’s a cross-country skiing trek that will take place over 4 stages, one per day. In the first stage, the TwoNav team will leave from Lake Traun. What surprises does this stage have in store?


Elisa Deutschmann, Germany

The German athlete defines her life as a mix of enjoying nature and the freedom in the mountains. She loves outdoor sports and she’s always open to new things, which is why she signed up for our Aventura 2 Challenge. The activities she’s most into these days are ski mountaineering, paragliding, sailing, climbing, hiking and even kitesurfing. She’s also studying design in Munich, where she is focusing on designing functional sports clothing.

Pierre Vignaux, France

Radical 27-year-old French mountain photographer fills his social media feeds with content from his most impressive trips, sharing his take on life and his experiences in the mountains. Pierre bivouacs at least 20 nights in the winter season, fearless of the extremely low temperatures that could put his life at risk. He’s the perfect athlete to test the durability of the battery in the Aventura 2 GPS!

Ferran Latorre, Spain

He’s one of the few Catalan climber to have summitted the 14/8000ers. Ferran also worked for 14 years as a cameraman on the TVE show ‘Al Filo de lo Imposible’. He has gone on expeditions all over the world: Asia, Greenland, Antarctica, the South Georgia Islands, USA… He’s also had the opportunity to film great climbers, such as Juanito Oiarzábal, Iker Pou, Josune Bereziartu and Edurne Pasaban.


Stefi Troguet, Andorra


She’s a woman, an expert alpinist and excellent skiier, who has made herself a place in the world of alpinism in very short time. She has already reached Nanga Parbat peak (8.126 m high) and Manaslu (8.163 m high) without oxygen during 2019 and is already dreaming to climb the 14/8000. She is also leading on social media reclaiming the role of women in the world of extreme outdoor sports worldwide.

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Discover the new GPS Aventura 2



This is Aventura 2, the new TwoNav GPS designed for real explorers

We are proud to introduce at TwoNav  our new Aventura 2, an innovative GPS navigation device thought for extreme sports athletes and lovers who want to fully enjoy outdoor adventures safely. This powerful GPS has been conceived to endure the worst weather conditions so that extreme sports athletes can benefit from all the custom adventure functionalities the device offers, while safely relying in Aventura 2 to take them back to civilization. Extra maps upload is available using LAND so you can prepare there your route ahead. You can also follow other users online on real time any time anywhere with our user-friendly SeeMe platform.

The NEW Aventura 2 GPS provides up to 30 hours autonomy and is capable to store up to 16GB, from which 12GB will be free so you can store additional data. It also has a MicroUSB port and is programmed withGRPS/ANT+/BLE/BLUETOOTH/WI-FI technology. It also includes a barometer and a digital compass so you always stay on course. You will find Aventura 2 MOTOR version available soon too.

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Next 10th to 15th February we are to put our new Aventura 2 GPS to the test with selected alpinists and mountain sports athletes.

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Yes! We are preparing a new challenge adventure this very winter. It will awesome, exciting and very very risky, but for sure it will be worth. In the coming days, we will be publishing many clues about our next challenge, so don’t forget to follow us in Social Media to learn all the details.