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Land 8.8: Here’s what’s new

We are proud to present you with our latest version of our LAND software so you can get your update even before the new year…

Here we are listing of the new features incorporated into LAND 8.8.

Locations of all your activities and routes on the map

From now on you can follow all your activities and routes in LAND. From the main map menu, go to the “stored files” folder to display all the options.

Once you have enabled the submenu, you can select or deselect the eye icon according to your viewing preferences. Double click on the options you prefer to see on the map.

Monitor your “Suunto” watch recorded activities with LAND and Go- cloud 

If you want to see the activities you previously recorded in devices like Suunto watch, just go to the “On-line Files” folder that you will find at the bottom of the menu and select the “Suunto” option. The system will ask for your username to access the map.

Note: We are working with our partnership with Suunto for you. Thought, at the moment “Suunto” does not allow loading routes created directly on Land, you can still upload them by adding GPX files from the same system. You will find more information on how to link these files to “Suunto” in this tutorial.

Synchroning with other devices, like  TwoNav GPS and with our  GO-cloud

Another new feature of the 8.8 release is the possibility of synchronizing LAND with other devices, like TwoNav GPS and even with GO-cloud. So far, any new files from any device were uploaded to the cloud using a WiFi connection, but now you can also do it through a USB connection.

More functionalities

This new version of Land offers a new tool called “Divide track”,  located at the buttons bar of the route editor. It has also been added in the menu of the track itself. Furthermore, we have added this new functionality also in the track menu, and when using the “unify” tool, 3D location points to highlight have been incorporated, both at the beginning and at the end of your route. Also note that the maps are already sorted by folders. If you have created routes with OSMaps, you can now connect to that platform to download the routes you have created.

Note: In addition to Land 8.8, TwoNav GPS devices can also benefit from the same new functionalities. The current version 4.7 of our Trail 2 and Trail 2 Bike GPSs already allows you to use color and visual quality in * GPX and the next version of  the same GPS (v.4.8 is cooming soon!) will allow you to use the remaining properties, as well as the * FIT format tracks. As for the improvements in the * .GPX format, it should be noted that you can edit and save a greater number of specifications on your route configuration: color, density, activity type (hiking, mountain biking …), difficulty, terrain and more… The changes also reach the * .FIT format since Land already allows the editing of the following properties: title, description, sensor information and  the filter of outliers.





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Miguel Indurain TwoNav

Miguel Induráin returns, Titan Desert challenge with TwoNav support

Miguel Induráin, five-time Tour de France champion and two-times Giro d’Italia champion, has confirmed that he will take part in the 15th edition of the Titan Desert 2020 between April 19 and 24 in Morocco.

At 55, the Navarrese cyclist will join the KH-7 team led by Melcior Mauri to face a new and exciting challenge accompanied by his son Miguel: complete more than 600 kilometers of one of the toughest  mountain bike races in the world competition.

Miguel Induráin will cross the Sahara desert thanks to the TwoNav GPS Trail 2 Bike.

TwoNav collaborate closely with all the team of  Melcior since years.

Last year TwoNav won the Garmin Titan Desert 2019 with the GPS Trail 1 Bike  and takes Joseph Betalu and Anna Ramírez to the 1st position of the podium.

We cannot wait to defend our title for another year.

Stay tuned !!

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GPS TwoNav 4.7: Here’s what’s new

TwoNav’s latest software update is out now, offering new and exciting features for your GPS among a host of bug fixes. Read below to find out more:



– New map window interactivity [MORE INFO]

– Download bicycle touring routes for France in under a minute [MORE INFO]

– New data fields [MORE INFO]

– More new features [MORE INFO]




– Increased the thickness of the direction line to make it easier to see.

– Direction arrows are shown on the tracks even if they do not have time data.

– Improved track navigation.

– Bug fixes for the ‘TrackAttack’ function.

– Improved screen calibration.

– Fixed the problems with the ‘Block’ button, which froze for a few seconds if the screen was pressed at the same time.

– The altimetric barometer data is updated more often.

– Improved calculations for the ‘Ascent’ and ‘Minimum altitude’ data fields.



Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device:

GPS Hiking

Trail 2


GPS Cycling

Horizon Bike
Trail 2 Bike
Trail Bike

GPS Motor

Aventura Motor

Tutorials GPS TwoNav

GPS TwoNav: New map window interactivity

TwoNav 4.7 includes this new feature that’s sure to be a hit. See what changes we’ve made and why.  


In order to maximize the map view, TwoNav 4.7 will only display the essential elements in each phase of navigation. Let’s take a look at the changes in detail:


No Navigation mode

By default, the map window shows the ‘No navigation’ mode, which provides an overview of your outing. In it, you can start an activity, see the route on the map, find out the status of the TwoNav application and access the main menu. The ‘No navigation’ mode contains several areas:

Status bar
‘Recenter’ button
Navigation bar

Press anywhere on the map to show more features. Press anywhere on the map again to hide these elements:

Full screen
‘Zoom+’ and ‘Zoom-‘ buttons




Navigation mode

Once the destination is selected, navigation will begin and with it, the map window will change to ‘Navigation’ mode. In addition to seeing the route on the map, this mode lets you monitor your activity with real-time data, as well as pause, stop or choose another destination at any time. ‘Navigation’ mode has several areas:

‘Recenter’ button
Navigation bar

Press anywhere on the map to show more features. Press anywhere on the map again to hide these elements:

Status bar
‘Zoom+’ and ‘ Zoom-‘ buttons
Full screen
Navigation bar


IMPORTANT: By default, when the navigation starts, the status bar disappears from the top. If you want to see the status bar permanently while navigating, activate the option ‘Main menu > Settings > Activity profiles > Map view > Status bar in activity’.




Pin mode

‘Pin’ mode works the same as in previous versions. Do a long press on any part of the map to access the ‘Pin’ mode.

The selected position will be marked on the map, a window displaying information related to that point will appear at the upper side of the application. Press elsewhere on the map and the information featured in the upper window will be adapted to the new position.

Press ‘Close’ to close ‘Pin’ mode.




Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.

Tutorials GPS TwoNav

GPS TwoNav: Download bicycle touring routes for France in under a minute

If you’re planning a cycling getaway, we suggest travelling to France. Why not? In TwoNav version 4.7, you will find unique routes provided by the FFCT (French Bicycle Touring Federation). Plan your next route in France with quality itineraries endorsed by the FFCT!


Plan your next adventure in just a few steps. In less than a minute you will have your itinerary. Here’s how:

– Step 1: In the map window, center the display on the area of France you want to visit.

– Step 2: Press ‘Main menu > Routes >More options >Discover online routes >FFCT’

– Step 3: Next, your TwoNav device will start searching for FFCT bicycle touring tracks near that location.

– Step 4: If the FFCT offers an itinerary near your location, a list will open with the available tracks for that area. Click on each track to download it and see a summary of the itinerary (distance, time, altitude, route, etc.).

– Step 5: Once you select your route, press ‘Navigate’ to start.


IMPORTANT: To download tracks from the FFCT, you need to connect your GPS to a Wi-Fi network.




Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.

Tutorials GPS TwoNav

GPS TwoNav: New data fields

Do you hike or do downhill mountain biking? If so, update your TwoNav GPS to version 4.7 and add the new Ascent and Descent fields to your data pages. Measure the total climbs and descents more accurately.


We recently added more data fields to TwoNav version 4.7 so you can customize your pages with information that’s useful to you:

– Ascent to next: Ascent to the next waypoint on your route.

– Descent to next: Descent to the next waypoint on your route.

– Descent to destination: Descent to the destination.


These three data fields are in addition to another field already present in previous versions:

– Ascent to destination:Ascent to the destination.


Remember that you can change any data in the Data Bar (or in a Data Pages) by long pressing on the field and pressing ‘Change this field’. Customize the data pages with the information you really need during your activity.



Get the most out of your TwoNav GPS and consult the user manual of your device.