Differences between TwoNav Free and TwoNav Premium

Differences between TwoNav Free and TwoNav Premium

TwoNav dual navigation

Twonav has decided to divide TwoNav application into two license types: TwoNav Free and TwoNav Premium. In order to make TwoNav more accessible to users, CompeGPS has developed two modes for the same outdoor application: Free mode and Premium license.

Until now, TwoNav was the full application license which included all features. According to the new nomenclature…:

• TwoNav application stands for TwoNav Free mode with limited functions but unlimited usage.

TwoNav Premium application stands for the full pay-per-download application license which includes all features with unlimited usage.

Here you have a comparison table to check the differences between both license products:

TwoNav Free vs Premium

Advertisement: TwoNav in Free mode has advertising while TwoNav Premium is free of banner ads.

Maps: With TwoNav Premium you will be able to open maps in three dimensions. This function as well as custom maps is not available for TwoNav Free mode.

Data: While using TwoNav in Free mode, you only get the chance to open at the same time a track file and a waypoint file. While the Premium version has no limitation.

Interface: In TwoNav Free mode, data fields are quite reduced, you will only see 4 fields. Alarms cannot be used.

Paperless Geocaching: This function is not available for TwoNav Free mode.

Conecting TwoNav with Land

TwoNav free mode is available on the following platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android, Tablet, Mac and Pocket.

Users using TwoNav in free mode have the oportunity to go Premium to fully enjoy all functions of TwoNav, all they have to do is:

• Buy a ‘TwoNav Multi-Platform‘ license at www.compegps.com

• In case of iPhone/iPad: Buy ‘TwoNav Premium‘ at Apple Store

At the same time, the full TwoNav license price (TwoNav Premium) has been reduced from 49.99 € to 29.99 €. Users who have purchased TwoNav application prior to this change will be considered as TwoNav Premium customers (without need to update).

For more information, visit the specific website for TwoNav application and the TwoNav video Tutorials.

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