TwoNav for iPhone/iPad allows you to purchase mosaic maps and install them directly on your device. In order to buy mosaic maps all you have to do is reproduce the following steps:

• Access the TwoNav shop:
o ‘Main menu > Discover > Buy’
o ‘Main menu > Data > Maps > Buy’

• Select the mosaic map that you want to buy. Once chosen, you will be able to check basic information about this product. Once checked, press ‘Select’.

twonav 2.8.1 iphone/ipad

Mosaic maps are made up of tiles (a territory is divided in equal portions of terrain, so you can choose which tiles you want to buy instead of buying the whole territory). In order to choose the specific tiles that you want to buy (and later on install), choose the tiles of your choice from the tile selector:

o Tiles colored in red: Tiles that can be bought (select the tiles of your choice).
o Tiles colored in green: Tiles already installed.
o Tiles colored in yellow: Tiles available to install free of charge (already purchased).

twonav 2.8.1 iphone/ipad

Important: In order to synchronize the map tiles that you purchase with your user profile at myTwoNav (customer area of CompeGPS), login will be required before accessing to tile selector.

• Map tiles purchased inside the TwoNav shop will be available at myTwoNav (accessible from: so that you can install these tiles in other platforms (computer, TwoNav GPS…). As usual, the installation limit is defined for each map.

Note: At the moment, only ‘France Topo Mosaic’ and ‘Spain Topo Mosaic’ products are available for sale. In a near future CompeGPS will upload more mosaic maps at the TwoNav shop.

TwoNav Maps

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