Land 7: beta for Mac (Apple) ready to be launched by the end this month

Land 7: beta for Mac (Apple) ready to be launched by the end this month

Good things come to those who wait. Many of our users were waiting for this moment to arrive. Finally, Mac users will be able to enjoy the imminent release of Land 7’s beta specially designed for Mac. Land is the best software to prepare and get the very best of your tracks, routes and waypoints.

Land 7 Mac Beta Version

More news are to come! Twonav has decided to apply the same policy using for TwoNav software. Users who purchase Land will be free to install the software on three platforms of their choice. For example, this policy allows you to install a Land on your PC, another registration installed on your Mac and even keep a third intent for reservation.

Land 7 Mac OS Topo

Users who already have a Land 7 license for PC, won’t have any problem because Mac versions can be registered for free*.

We really hope that you will enjoy our brand new Land version for Mac! More news will follow!

Land 7 Mac OS Data

*Only for licenses which do not exceeded the three basic registrations of each license.

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