License policy of TwoNav

License policy of TwoNav

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From TwoNav we would like to clarify how license registrations of software products work:

1 Land / Air license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices

1 TwoNav license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices

1 Map license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices (or 5 for certain products*)

CompeGPS considers “device” as a combination of hardware and operating system. So in case of Land/Air/TwoNav /Map reinstallation on the same operating system the software will not require an extra activation of license because it is considered the same device as previously installed (it will not involve the loss of one of the 3 software registrations included in the license).

If you already consumed all 3 registrations included in your product license, CompeGPS offers you the possibility to keep using your software (except maps), by buying an extra registration instead of buying again a full license product.

Buy 1 extra registration for Land

Each Land license can be activated in any of the following platforms:
• Windows (XP/Vista/7)
• Mac (OS X 10.6 or higher)

Buy 1 extra registration for Air

Each Air license can be activated in any of the following platforms:
• Windows (XP/Vista/7)

Buy 1 extra registration for TwoNav

Each TwoNav license can be activated in any of the following platforms:
• Mac
• Windows
• Android
• Pocket
• Windows Mobile

Important: TwoNav for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is only available at Apple Store. Due to this fact, the purchase of 1 extra registration cannot be applied for TwoNav iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Extra registrations for Maps are not provided due to royalties restrictions

In this case the user must buy the map once again (on the other hand 3 new registrations per license will be given).

License policy of TwoNav is based on 3 activations for each software license, being a very reasonable amount of activations compared to similar standards. This decision is based on taking into account the desire of many users to have our softwares installed on several devices.

Users wishing to install CompeGPS’ softwares on more than 3 devices, have the opportunity to buy an extension of license at a reduced price. All those users who have already consumed all 3 activations included in each product license can directly bought extra registrations. CompeGPS will not be able to provide extra activations due to security reasons and market policies.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at Or by calling at +34 881 245 005 (Phone call price: €0.09 + €0.07/min).

*Maps from Institut Géographique National (France) have a limit of 5 activations per license.

**TwoNav software is by default included on each GPS manufactured by TwoNav but extra registrations promotion cannot be applied for these products.

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