Microsoft has awarded the Compatibility Certificate of Windows7 to TwoNav products

Microsoft has awarded the Compatibility Certificate of Windows7 to TwoNav products

CompeGPS Compatible  with Windows7

Microsoft, through VeriSign® certificate, awarded the certificate “Compatible with Windows 7” to software products developed by TwoNav like: Land, Air and TwoNav.

The VeriSign® Code Signing certificate, gives the highest degree of protection and verification of downloadable applications. VeriSign Code Signing Certificates assure to our customers that the software is from a verified publisher and the code integrity has not been compromised.

With this certificate, TwoNav applications have reached the highest reputation status issued by Microsoft.

This certificate is based on several principles that must be completed by the product/software:

Fully compatible with Windows 7.

• Evidence of Microsoft’s design to avoid the possibility of crashes, lockups and reboots.

• Compliance with privacy rules established by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.

Easy and reliable.

Support for both 32-bit Windows7 and 64 bits.

These requirements are based on an extensive analysis of bug reports and contributions from experts and reviews of retailers from Microsoft.

From this moment the website of CompeGPS features the logo “Compatible with Windows7” for each of these three certified products. This logo will help to identify software that has passed compatibility testing and technical reliability of Microsoft.

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