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Enjoy your favorite music with the TwoNav Ultra!

The latest update of our TwoNav software incorporates a new “MUSIC PLAYER” function for the powerful TwoNav Ultra allowing you to listen to your favourite music while practicing your favourite sports. Just synch your Bluetooth earphones with your TwoNav Ultra and it will be transformed into a fantastic music player, while continuing to offer you the best in navigation technology too.

TwoNavA genuine music player

Operating the new “MUSIC PLAYER” is really simple, just look for the “TwoNavData/Music” folder where you can store all your tunes in *.MP3 format, and your music file is all set to use.

A2DP Bluetooth Earphones/Headphones

The small yet powerful TwoNav Ultra and its new “MUSIC PLAYER” function will work with any A2DP compatible earphones/headphones, a profile standard for Bluetooth. All you need to do is synch your TwoNav Ultra with your AD2P earphones/headphones. Let’s look how…

Twonav UltraSynch your A2DP Bluetooth Headphones with TwoNav Ultra

In order to synch your A2DP Bluetooth earphones/headphones with TwoNav Ultra first you’ll need to read the instructions for your A2DP Bluetooth earphones/headphones showing how to connect/sync with other devices, in this case the TwoNav Ultra.

Once you have completed the sync process with your earphones/headphones, TwoNav will automatically attempt to “connect/sync” with them. If TwoNav is successful you will be able to listen to music immediately, if not a message will appear telling you that you need to manually “scan/search” your earphones/headphones with your TwoNav Ultra. In this message there you will have two options: choose the “Scan” option so TwoNav can detect your headphones and shows them on a list of detected devices. Select your earphones/headphones on the list and… they’re synched!

TwoNavSync Memory…

TwoNav will remember the last A2DP Bluetooth device synced and will automatically connect when the “MUSIC PLAYER” is started (a message appears telling you that TwoNav Ultra is trying to connect with the earphones/headphones). If you already had earphones/headphones synced and the TwoNav Ultra does not detect them, you can search manually for them in the “Known devices” tab. This option is available whenever you have your earphones/headphones turned on.

 TwoNavShall we listen to some music?

  • Press the MUSIC PLAYER icon (music note)
  • Automatic connection of the earphones/headphones. If the earphones/headphones do not connect automatically please follow the manual sync instructions above.
  • Start the “MUSIC PLAYER.” A message will appear informing you that the TwoNav Ultra is loading the songs in your “TwoNavData/Music” folder: all your music is located here, whether its songs or albums. All you need to do is select what song/album you want to play.
  • The operation of the “MUSIC PLAYER” is basic and intuitive: “PLAY” will allow you to listen to a song, while the “PREVIOUS” and “NEXT” keys will allow you to move back and forth on your music list.
  • TwoNav offers you 3 different play modes. Under the “PLAY” mode there are 3 icons: an arrow that allows you to go back and find the Main Menu; a musical note with a gear symbol that allows you to choose the play mode you prefer: random (shuffle), repeat all songs, or play only the songs in the current folder; and finally the last icon (a musical note with a list) will take you to your music folder.
  • Closing the “MUSIC PLAYER” is as simple as pressing the “PAUSE” key, and hitting the go back key.  You’re done with your session!

 Enjoy your favorite music with TwoNav!

TwoNav Ultra

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    Enjoy your favorite music with the TwoNav Ultra!

    The latest update of our TwoNav software incorporates a new “MUSIC PLAYER” function for the powerful TwoNav Ultra allowing you to ...
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