New cartography OpenStreet Maps

New cartography OpenStreet Maps

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OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project created by Steve Coast back in 2004 allowing everybody to generate and distribute maps. Open Street Maps is base on donations from organizations as well volunteers.

In recent years, Open Street Maps has managed to accumulate a wide range of cartographic information from all over the world. Highways, roads, trails, cities, parks, peaks, fountains, shelters… any element in the landscape is reflected in the OSM maps. Open Street Maps is basically the wikipedia of maps.

The quantity and quality of information contained in the OSM maps is highly variable depending on the work done by the users of each country. For this reason, neither CompeGPS Team or any other entity can assume any kind of responsibility regarding the accuracy of the information of the maps.

Countries like Germany or the Netherlands have developed the OSM project in high quality standards. On the other hand, remote areas of the world might have limited information available. OpenStreetMap maps may even cover parts of the world that are not covered by any commercial mapping product.

Twonav has made a huge effort to convert and import OSM data and generating the resulting OSM maps in Vmap format, being fully compatible with our softwares (Land, Air and TwoNav). Thus, the users of our applications can now get the best of these maps generated by thousands of users worldwide.

CompeGPS Maps osm Montseny

CompeGPS Maps osm Barcelona

TwoNav does not intent to make money with these map, but to make them available to as many users as possible. Despite this, it is necessary to charge a small fee due to distribution costs as well as development and maintenance.

• Country: 1,59 €
• Large area: 2.39 €
• Continent: 4,99 €

Furthermore, instead of limiting the installation to 3 devices as usual, OSM can be installed in up to 5 different devices.

You can download OSM maps generated by TwoNav from:

• Our Map on-line shop
• Any of our applications:
• TwoNav (only iOS and Android): ‘Main Menu > Discover > Buy’
• Land/Air. ‘Main Menu > Maps > Download internet map for this area’

CompeGPS Maps osm Los Angeles

With OSM sources is also posible to generate maps providing “live information” allowing you to automatically calculate your routes. At this moment, this feature is not available in early versions of OSM maps generated by TwoNav. Our development team is currently working to offer this feature in future editions of the maps.

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  • New cartography OpenStreet Maps

    New cartography OpenStreet Maps

    OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project created by Steve Coast back in 2004 allowing everybody to generate and distribute maps. Open Street ...
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