Brand new emergency charger for your GPS

Brand new emergency charger for your GPS

Sometimes it may happen that you are alone and disorientated in the mountains and your mobile phone is no longer working.

But… don’t worry! TwoNav offers you a portable emergency charger: a lightweight, comfortable and economical charger allowing you to recharge your GPS device at any moment.

Emergency charger

With the new emergency charger of TwoNav –working with 4 AA batteries– you will be able to connect any USB device (GPS TwoNav, smartphones…) in any situation.
TwoNav has tested this charger together with each TwoNav GPS: you can recharge three times the TwoNav Sportiva2, the TwoNav Sportiva2+ and the TwoNav Delta. In case that you have a TwoNav Ultra, you can recharge the device twice without changing the batteries. And finally, if you have a TwoNav Aventura you will be able to charge the device only once.

Emergency Charger

You should remember that the emergency charger of TwoNav has 2 LEDs lights to indicate when the device is providing energy. The product does not include the AA batteries nor the USB cable.


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