Shine a light… Do you know which torch you really need?

Shine a light… Do you know which torch you really need?

Here at CompeGPS we continue to add to our catalogue of products with the inclusion of a new “Equipment” section where you can complete your sports gear with practical sports torches to light up your outings.

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Do you know which torch you really need?

Below we consider some important factors to help you choose the right torch for your sporting activities. In outdoor sports you need to take into account how much light you really need for your activities, what times of day or night you engage in them, battery life, type of battery and so on.

First of all think about what time you go out and whether you do this all year round. Thus, the fact that it goes dark earlier in winter means you need torches for all outdoor sports. Likewise, in summer many athletes – cyclists, runners and so on – go out at night to avoid the heat of the day. In both cases a good torch will ensure your outing is a success.

Battery life
You should consider the battery life of your torch and its recharging system; two closely-linked and very important factors. Thus, you should take into account how long your torch will work and whether the battery is rechargeable, as this will make it much more economical in the long run.
This is why torches that work with AA/AAA batteries are practical, because they can be bought in any shop and you can also use rechargeable batteries. Other torches always work with rechargeable batteries. In any case, it’s important to use the batteries recommended by the manufacturer. This will determine the efficiency of your torch and maximise its life.


Visibility for safety
We often forget that our visibility is closely linked to how well vehicles can see us – and therefore to our safety. This factor is fundamental! This means it’s important not just to see but also to be seen. We therefore recommend using torches and accessories to make you more visible.
Additionally, some of our torch models – such as the HL30 and HP25 – feature flashing lights to give an S.O.S. signal that can be very useful in the event of an emergency.
We also advise that you always carry a torch in your rucksack, as it can be very helpful in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In this case, it is worth making sure you have spare batteries to make sure you can actually use the torch.

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Walking: any good-quality head torch serves for walking in the mountains. Your choice of one model or another will depend on your own preferences in terms of the balance between weight, brightness and battery power. The HL21 is a good option if you’re looking for a light torch. The HL30 will give you more light and longer battery life. Our HP25 model gives you more features but also weights more. In this respect you should decide what your real needs are.

Running/Trail: here weight is fundamental. The HL21 is therefore the ideal model. The HL30 may also meet your requirements if what you want is lots of light and battery life. In this respect, you need to consider where you’ll be going running and bear in mind that weight matters but so does good lighting. Thus, for example, in the mountains it’s essential to see irregularities in the terrain clearly.


Cycling: for cyclists brightness is important. In addition to this, they’ll also appreciate the versatility of a light that provides good visibility at both short and long range. In this respect, the BT10 and BT20 models give a double beam of light able to focus with a single LED on long and short distance. The BT20 model, on the other hand, gives more light and battery power, but doesn’t work with AA batteries but with a 18650 battery that can be bought together with a charger when you purchase the torch.
Moreover, the BT10 and BT20 models offer the possibility of installation either on the handlebars or on the helmet.
Mounting the light on the handlebars gives a steady light suitable for most situations, while mounting it on the helmet will light up bends or parts of the bicycle itself better. Another option for cyclists is a good head torch – like the HL30 – mounted under the peak of the helmet. Its features are sufficient for speeds of up to 20km/h. However, if you want to go faster you’ll be taking a risk.

Hunting/Fishing: these are activities which tend to last for several hours. they therefore call for plenty of battery life and power, as well as being able to focus at long and short distance, or even both at once. this makes our HP25 model an excellent choice, as its greater weight is not usually a problem in activities of this kind and it will deliver the power you need and hours of battery life.


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  • Shine a light… Do you know which torch you really need?

    Shine a light… Do you know which torch you really need?

    Here at CompeGPS we continue to add to our catalogue of products with the inclusion of a new “Equipment” section where ...
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