Trail What is it? It’s Ultra Time

Trail What is it? It’s Ultra Time

Today, CompeGPS has launched a new campaign: “What trail is it?“. This campaign is aiming to promote our new and revolutionary outdoor GPS: TwoNav Ultra.

In order to develop this campaign, we were assisted by Roberto Heras. Mr. Heras had the chance to experience at first hand the quality of our brand new GPS device.

In addition, Roberto Heras and CompeGPS have reached an agreement in which TwoNav will become his official GPS brand. Roberto Heras is now focused on the new season of his mountain biking activities. Recently Mr. Heras has won for a fourth time the Titan Desert race.

Finally, CompeGPS will also supply the GAES team of the Millennium Titan Desert race. More than 50 participants will take part in this adventure, among them Roberto Heras as well as Santi Millán (actor) and Santi Ezquerro (former football player).

TwoNav Ultra

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