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TwoNav Anima and Anima+, the keys to success

For years the Sportiva line has represented the brand TwoNav in many sports areas at the international level. In a sector like new technologies however, constant innovation is a key factor in helping to determine a brand’s position in the market. From that effort two brand new TwoNav devices are born: greater technological precision, longer battery life, reliability, ease of use and design, reinventing sports navigation technology.

Let’s analyze the strong points of the new devices and see why they have won over even the most demanding users:

TwoNavMaximum precision

TwoNav has equipped the the TwoNav Anima and Anima+ devices with the most cutting-edge technology, including a high-quality module (UBLOX Max-7Q) that instantly indicates the user’s exact position throughout his workout. Precision is without any doubt, the advantage which places a quality GPS above the rest.

EnergyModes TwoNavBattery life

The TwoNav Anima and Anima+ feature an greater capacity replaceable 1,430 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours, allowing users to take on long training sessions and outings without having to recharge their GPS. In the event of an emergency one can even activate the GPS’s “Economy” setting, allowing them up to 14 hours of use, or “Survival,” good for up to 22 hours.


In order to provide users with an enhanced experience the TwoNav Anima and Anima+ includes a new and powerful processor that allows them to easily move through all the screens, prevents annoying loading wait times, and provides them with easy access to any digital map, even in 3D.

Twonav AnimaSpeakers

One of the functions that many TwoNav Sportiva users had requested for years was for new GPSs to include voice guidance and audio alerts through an inbuilt speaker.

Twonav AnimaUser friendliness

TwoNav’s main goal is to improve users’ sports experience. In this pursuit the incorporation of two practical front buttons make it easier to use the device during outings – especially for athletes wearing gloves. These buttons are preprogrammed to control the zoom lens on the map, although each user can reprogram them to meet his particular needs.

Also for all avid cyclists the design of the new bicycle bracket that the TwoNav Anima and Anima+ include is easy to attach and use and will give cyclists peace of mind when they  practice their favorite sport.

Twonav Anima+ANT+™ Technology for tough training

This is a feature that the TwoNav Anima+ had to maintain because it is essential for many athletes’ while training.  ANT+™technology allows users to connect compatible external sensors and access data in real time, like their cadence and heart rate. When one finishes their workout they can analyze the results and compare them with those from previous training sessions.

This is the reality of the new TwoNav devices: constant innovation, precision and reliability, all so you can fully enjoy your favorite sport.

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