TwoNav emergency chargers, the perfect complement

TwoNav emergency chargers, the perfect complement

Imagine one day you’re lost and alone in the middle of the mountains. Your mobile stopped working hours ago; you can feel the cold in your hands and the clouds are coming down threateningly as night falls. That’s when you take out your GPS and… the battery’s run out! But don’t worry because TwoNav offers you practical emergency battery chargers so that you can recharge your GPS, mobile or any other device in any situation.

Emergency_Charger_5600 by Twonav

The perfect complement

Emergency chargers can be the perfect ally to cope with flat batteries in any device, whether smartphones, GPS or any other electrical equipment. Being realistic about the battery life of your device, it’s highly likely that on one-day outings you’ll need to use an emergency charger. Obviously, for routes of more than one day, the charger will always be vital, an essential part of planning your trip without constantly having to think about charging your devices. In short, an emergency charger will prolong the life of your equipment.

Rechargeable batteries, your best option

You should always choose the best option, especially if you’re going to use it regularly. Therefore, when it comes to the type of battery for your emergency charger, a rechargeable battery will prove much more economical in the long run. In this respect, emergency chargers with AA/AAA batteries are practical because you can buy them in any shop, but above all because you can use rechargeable AA/AAA batteries.

As regards other models of emergency charger, their batteries can all be recharged by plugging them into the mains or using the USB port of your computer.


Reasonable use

It’s essential not to forget your emergency charger when you go out, and also to make sure you have spare AA/AAA batteries if your battery-powered charger might need them. It’s also worth thinking about how to use your device in the most efficient way; i.e. “reasonable” –not excessive– use of your GPS, mobile or whatever will prolong its battery life,

In case of emergency

Some emergency chargers have some very useful additional functions. For example, the model 5600 emergency charger features a small light (constant or intermittent S.O.S) and a “laser marker” which can be of great help in emergency situations where you need to be found by rescuers.

Emergency_Charger_2600 by twonav

An emergency charger for each sporting activity

Finally, it should be pointed out that each sporting activity calls for an emergency charger with specific features. In general terms, the two features to bear in mind are size/weight and charging capacity. For example, a small, light emergency charger like our model 2600 is convenient to carry in any pocket, though its charging capacity is more limited than that of the model 5600 or that of the AA battery charger. Thus, you should choose one model or another depending on the activity you engage in, how often you do it and so on.

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