The new TwoNav Sportiva2+ provides you the best tools in a single GPS device to fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activities (cycling, hiking, geocaching…). This product combines all the attractive features of Sportiva2 together with ANT+™ technology to transmit data wirelessly (heartbeat rate, cadence rate and speed rate). Moreover, TwoNav Sportiva2+ provides you a quick and accurate positioning using a fluid interface. Recommended Retail Price: 349 €

Maximum performance and optimum navigation: Alarms, Trackattack and Virtual coach

New Sportiva2+

Light, robust and multifunctional, the Brand new TwoNav Sportiva2+ has been designed to guide you everywhere in any kind of terrain (walking, cycling, hiking, geocaching…).

Get a better optimization by fitting the configuration of the device to your own preferences: define useful alarms to control your speed, pace, heartbeat rate, total distance or deviation from the planned route.

With ‘Trackattack’ option you will be able to recreate your itineraries and compare your previous performance with the current one. Check your daily progress!

CompeGPS does not forget the importance of visual identity. TwoNav Sportiva2+ can be easily recognized due to the elegant GPS design in white and black colors.

New Sportiva2+

Large map portfolio and 3D experience
Having in mind that while using a GPS device, every user has its own habits and preferences, TwoNav offers you the possibility to load a vast majority of map formats. With TwoNav Sportiva2+ you will participate in a unique experience in real 3D view.

The best of Sportiva2

  •  The brand new TwoNav Sportiva2+ has an improved GPS chip which provides a much faster and much precise positioning.
  • The device’s battery has been designed to obtain 2 additional hours of autonomy, so TwoNav Sportiva2+ has a battery life up to 14 hours.
  • The internal memory of the device has been improved to get a larger capacity (from 2GB to 4GB) allowing you to use and save more content in the device.
  •  TwoNav Sportiva2+ provides you an improved fluidity while using the interface of the application. CompeGPS has increased the RAM memory of TwoNav Sportiva2+ from 64MB to 128MB.

Recommended Retail Price: 349 €

New Sportiva2+


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