TwoNav turns to multiplatform

TwoNav turns to multiplatform

We are about to launch our new website and blog, a perfect moment to unify all current TwoNav platforms.

By doing this, if the user buys a TwoNav license, he/she will be able to enjoy our dual navigation software on several platforms: use TwoNav up to 3 different devices!

For example, a possible combination would be to install the software on your PC, another installation in your Android-mobile phone, plus a reaming installation in reserve. The user will get this just buying one single TwoNav license for 49€.

The available platforms are: Windows, Windows Mobile, Android and Mac (iPhone/iPad are not included in this promotion due the fact that you can only download our application from Apple Store).

Users who already bought a TwoNav license, won’t be excluded!: we didn’t forget you. You may also benefit from this promotion by using your remaining installations on the platforms of your choice.

What do you think about it?

TwoNav multiplatform

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