It’s time to open the product box of TwoNav Delta!

It’s time to open the product box of TwoNav Delta!

Some of our users have already asked us to get more details regarding the content of our newest product TwoNav Delta. In order to see more detailed explanations of the components of our product, here you have a list of each and every gadget.

– The device, TwoNav Delta

TwoNav Delta

– A coupon with a promotional code to get Land/Air software with a 50% discount

– A quick start guide in several languages

Land CD’s installation

TwoNav Delta’s cradle (with power connectors and serial port). Power and UART connection. Strong adjustment to ensure secure position

Cradle TwoNav Delta

DC-DC charger. 10-16V Input / Output 5.2V/2A. Ensures a perfect watertight connection with Delta’s cradle

Wire DC-DC TwoNav Delta

Car Charger. Output 5.2V 2A.

Car Charger TwoNav Delta

RAM-174-TOM1 support in marine aluminum and stainless steel tube, handle or pump brake motorcycle. Includes anchor, arm, screws and square to fit at Delta’s cradle. Compatible with TwoNav Aventura and TwoNav Sportiva in case the cradle is RAM-compatible

Support RAM-Mount TwoNav Delta

UART’s Delta cable. Allows NMEA0183 communication

Wire UART TwoNav Delta

Mini-USB Cable

Topo map: According to the selected pack

TomTom’s vector map (for street and roads): According to the selected pack