Photo contest ‘What trail is it?’ with Roberto Heras

Photo contest ‘What trail is it?’ with Roberto Heras

This Wednesday at 00:00 AM the photo contest ‘What trail is it?’ finished. This contest was part of a campaign to promote the launch of new outdoor GPS: TwoNav Ultra.

This contest was possible thanks to more than 60 participants who sent to our Facebook page. The idea was to upload a photo of your wrist during one of your trips, in any place or environment you considered ‘Ultra’.

By popular vote, these are the winners along with their photo and the number of votes:

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We already have winners of the TwoNav Photo Contest!

We already have winners of the TwoNav Photo Contest!

The first TwoNav Photo Contest finalized last March 13th and after the counting of the votes the lucky photos and their authors are:

1. Shadow on target (Alain Neuens) – 95 votes

2. It’s amazing where Geocaching can take you! (Heidi Smith) – 94 votes

3. Navigation TT (Paulo Torres) – 57 votes

Congratulations to all of them and We hope they enjoy their prize,the new TwoNav application for Android devices.


TwoNav Photo Contest

TwoNav Photo Contest

Next monday begins the TwoNav Photo Contest where the 3 most voted photos that you upload to Facebook, practicing your favorite outdoor sports, will get a prize: the new application TwoNav for Android valued around 50 €.

The rules of contest will be published shortly but just to upload a photo and promote your picture to be the most voted by your Facebook friends you have enough to qualify for the award. TwoNav Photo Contest will run for three weeks.

Join it and enjoy the new TwoNav on your Android device! Click here to participate.

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