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Use of Land, by Théo Meuzard

Use of Land, by Théo Meuzard

Analysis of a route and the corresponding base map before going to the place in question.
(Course downloaded from the Internet, on a site like Utagawa for example …) Ideal for discovering an unknown area, while having all the information necessary for the outing to go well.

Choice and download of the track (here on Utagawa). Then trace loaded on Go cloud and synchronized on my GPS and Land, without any particular manipulation.

Trace and corresponding base map imported into Land for analysis. Easy import thanks to Go Cloud synchronization. Then I identify the direction of the route, possibilities to cut and lengthen the route. Analysis of the elevation and the main difficulties. I mark where I can park, possible water points etc …

Example of analysis: Analysis of the profile of the course.

Other use: Creation of my track. I create my track by hand by placing dots on the background map.

I can then analyze my journey and find out what I’m getting into.

News, Tutorials Land

What is Land and how to create your routes

What is Land and how to create your routes

In these moments when, as much as possible, it is so important to stay at home, we invite you to continue dreaming. Why not take advantage of this time to prepare your next departure? Go ahead and take advantage of these moments!. This software, which you can download for free on our website, is the most advanced on the market and will allow you to edit tracks, prepare routes and display several maps simultaneously.
During the 30 days of the Trial, we encourage you to think about your next route and venture to edit it with Land. Here we explain how to do it, step by step.



First steps:

1. Open your files. Open tracks, routes and waypoints of different formats and sources

2. Explore freely around maps. Locate points of interest of your next excursion directly on the map

3. Create your first track. Create the route of your next outing in just a few clicks

4. Analyse graphs and properties. Examine your outings in detail: distances, altitudes, speeds…

5. Store your activities in the GO Cloud. Synchronize activities to your device without the need for cables

6. Rapidly transfer files to your GPS. Send tracks, routes or maps to your device in just one click

More information:

Youtube Tutorials
Read complete Manual

If you like the Trial version…



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Did you know that … you can update your GPS TwoNav with just a click?

This week in our ‘Did you know…?’ instalment we explain how to keep your TwoNav GPS updated using Land software. In less than one minute you’ll have the latest version of TwoNav on your GPS!



Many of our users are unaware that, once purchased, the GPS can be constantly updated.

If you use a TwoNav GPS, we offer you free software updates. These updates are published periodically and include new features, corrections of bugs, and performance improvements.




Follow these steps to update your device to the latest version:

1. Download and install LAND software (free software to prepare and analyse tracks):


2. Connect your GPS to your PC’s USB port. The new device will appear in the ‘Storage files’ section of the data tree.

3. Right click on the name of the GPS in the data tree and select ‘Update TwoNav software’.

4. If there is an update available for your device, a download button will appear. Accept it and ‘TwoNav’ will be updated automatically.

5. At this point your TwoNav will update automatically.

6. After completing the update, just disconnect your device and … get out there and enjoy your adventures!


We are attaching a video so you can see how easy it will be for you to update your TwoNav GPS using Land:

Don’t think twice! Update your GPS to the latest version now, and enjoy an enhanced user experience.

It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.






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create tracks

Did you know that… TwoNav lets you create tracks using laps?

This week in “Did you know that”, we discuss one of TwoNav’s least known features: dividing tracks into laps.

One of TwoNav’s least known features is the ability to subdivide the track you’re navigating into sections, either by time or distance. These sections are called laps, and they’re very useful when analyzing each section in more detail, letting your improve your performance with every lap.


There are two types of laps:

  • Automatic laps: The track is divided into sections of equal size based on a fixed interval (every kilometer, every hour…).

create tracks

  • Manual laps: These are sections of the track that are not necessarily the same size (distance or time). With manual laps, it’s the user who decides where to start a new lap.

create tracks


TwoNav lets you create laps automatically for any type of activity without having to interact with the app, TwoNav will create the laps using your previously specified settings. What’s more, with every new lap, TwoNav will show very useful information on the screen:

  1. Before starting the activity, set up TwoNav to create laps automatically during the activity. Go to ‘Main menu > Settings > Autolaps’ and specify whether to create laps based on time or distance.
  • Autolaps by distance: By default, the track will be divided into 1-kilometer laps.
  • Autolaps by time: By default, the track will be divided into 1-hour laps.

Note: To modify either of the two intervals above (for example, divide the track into 5-kilometer laps instead of 1-kilometer), change it directly by going into ‘Main menu > Settings > Navigation > Autolaps’.

create tracks

  1. Start your activity as usual.
  1. When you go over (1 kilometer or 1 hour), TwoNav will display a pop-up window showing highlights from the lap you just completed. This information will help you improve your performance on every lap.

Note: You can specify the information to be shown on this pop-up window by going into ‘Main menu > Settings > Alarms > Lap change’.


In contrast, if you want to zero in on your performance, TwoNav gives you the option of defining your own laps. This way, you can decide when to start and finish a lap:

  1. Start your activity as usual.
  1. When you want to create a new lap, just press ‘Page tools > Mark > Lap’.

create tracks

  1. TwoNav will then display a pop-up window showing highlights from the lap you just completed. This information will help you improve your performance on every lap.

Note: You can specify the information to be shown on this pop-up window by going into ‘Main menu > Settings > Alarms > Lap change’.

  1. In addition, TwoNav will highlight the new lap using a different color from the rest of the track.
  1. If you want to create more laps, repeat the above steps as often as you need.


Once they’re created, you can see the laps (both manual and automatic):

  • Overlaid on the map
  • On the listing of laps

create tracks

It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.


Enjoy 3D experience with Land!


Open all types of maps: topographic, vectorial, scanned maps or even satellite pictures. You will be able to switch from one to another map, combine the information of several maps using an advanced transparency system or even use the multiple windows to display them separately. Plan your route with just a few clicks through a friendly, very intuitive and fully customizable interface.

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New features for Land/Air 7.6

New features for Land/Air 7.6

TwoNav proud to present the new version of its software Land/Air 7.6, including new features and important improvements compared to the previous version. Above all, the new Land/Air 7.6 includes two new languages and is now available in Russian and Chinese. This makes us particularly proud as it shows how the Land/Air family keeps growing, year after year.

Land 7.6

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