License policy of TwoNav

License policy of TwoNav

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From TwoNav we would like to clarify how license registrations of software products work:

1 Land / Air license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices

1 TwoNav license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices

1 Map license = Installation limitat of 3 different devices (or 5 for certain products*)

CompeGPS considers “device” as a combination of hardware and operating system. So in case of Land/Air/TwoNav /Map reinstallation on the same operating system the software will not require an extra activation of license because it is considered the same device as previously installed (it will not involve the loss of one of the 3 software registrations included in the license).

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License extension for Land/Air/TwoNav

License extension for Land/Air/TwoNav

License Extension TwoNav, Land or Air

TwoNav has launched another product: “License extension”. This new system allows you to buy an extra license registration for any of the three softwares developed by TwoNav: Land, Air and TwoNav.

These products are reserved for users with a previous full license of Land, Air or TwoNav. That is because the additional register is linked to the previous bought license, therefore, a user is not able to purchase a license extension without being the owner of a full license.

There is no restriction on the number of purchases of “License extension” product, you can buy as many license extensions as you want.

These are the prices for license extensions according to your software:

TwoNav turns to multiplatform

TwoNav turns to multiplatform

We are about to launch our new website and blog, a perfect moment to unify all current TwoNav platforms.

By doing this, if the user buys a TwoNav license, he/she will be able to enjoy our dual navigation software on several platforms: use TwoNav up to 3 different devices!

For example, a possible combination would be to install the software on your PC, another installation in your Android-mobile phone, plus a reaming installation in reserve. The user will get this just buying one single TwoNav license for 49€.

The available platforms are: Windows, Windows Mobile, Android and Mac (iPhone/iPad are not included in this promotion due the fact that you can only download our application from Apple Store).

Users who already bought a TwoNav license, won’t be excluded!: we didn’t forget you. You may also benefit from this promotion by using your remaining installations on the platforms of your choice.

What do you think about it?

TwoNav multiplatform