Interview with Monica Aguilera

Interview with Monica Aguilera

Monica Aguilera Biking

Name: Mònica Aguilera

Date of Birth: 5th January 1974

Place of birth: Barcelona

Profession: Degree in Physical Education and Sport. Nowadays editor of TRAIL magazine. Monica has an extensive experience in organizing sports activities and training in natural environments, an activity that is currently developing for La Nova Fita.

Sports experience: In 1997, Mònica began in Raiverd and from then until today has been around the world competing in raids. Among several sports trophies, raids, two world cup raids championships, the X-Adventure World Raid Cup Series (2000 and 2001). Monica has also won prestigious international raids as Ecomotion Brazil, The Challenge of the Volcanoes of Argentina and Chile, Max race and 7 Cerros of Medellin (Colombia) or the Camdex in Mexico.

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