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As you are well aware, we began 2014 with the release of the new version of our software, TwoNav , featuring important changes: innovative design, specific profiles for each sports activity, simple trip control and with the most commonly-used options grouped together.

In addition to all this, those who do sports every day and go out training can progress day by day using TwoNav , thanks to a range of functions designed for just this purpose. An especially practical one of these is training by “laps”.

Let’s see how it works…

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Innovation and intuitiveness for the new TwoNav 3!

We wanted to start 2014 with good news! 

That is why we are pleased to present the new version of our software, TwoNav .Ground-breaking changes for the new TwoNav and for all users wanting to get the most out of excellent navigation, featuring modern design, with specific profiles for different sporting activities, simple trip control and the most popular options grouped together.

All for just €5.99!

Innovation and intuitiveness for the new TwoNav!
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