New intelligent map searching tool

New intelligent map searching tool

TwoNav has developed an intelligent map searching system which will help the user to have a fast and easy purchase. This tool will focus in searching the exact map that suits perfectly to your needs. Here is a brief introduction to the new system in ten simple steps:

1. Enter the geographical point of the map that you’re looking for. For example, Cardiff.

Search Map zone

2. Before you click “List available maps”, so you can filter your search for more specific results. You can filter by map type, scale or by source.

Filter by kind, scale or source of map

3. Once completed, before you see the list of available maps, verify that the map viewer focuses correctly to the geographical area that you are looking for.

Check correct well zone map result

4. Below the map viewer, the list of available maps will appear listed according to the criteria of your search.

See available maps list

5. Select the map that suits better to your needs.

Select available map

6. Once selected, the map will be displayed and now you have to choose between the typology of the presented products (full, zones, provinces, tiles…)*. In the example, we only can choose topographic tiles.

Select mosaic map subproduct

* Each type of map has its own characteristics.

7. Once the product is chosen, the map viewer will display the available maps in red color.

8. Select the area that includes Cardiff and its surroundings, and immediately the selected tiles will be marked in blue.

See and select zones in the map wizard

9. All that remains now is click at “add to cart” to include the map in the shopping cart. The system will warn you that you have added the product/s to the shopping cart. You can also see the added products at the left bar of the website.

Product added at shopping car message

See maps in Shopping cart

10. If case you want to buy another product, repeat the same steps again. On the other hand if you completed the purchase proceed to pay. To complete the purchase click at “View Cart” to see the selected items and make the payment.

Payment list in shopping cart

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