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Did you know that Land and TwoNav let you customise the look of your tracks?

This week in “Did you know…?”, we discuss the many possibilities that Land and TwoNav offer to let you freely customise your tracks so you can get the most out of them.

One of the most powerful tools in Land and TwoNav is track customisation, especially so you can see them clearly over any type of map, even when more than one map is loaded. You can modify tracks from:

  •  The properties of a specific track (the changes will only be applied to that track)
  • The general Land and TwoNav settings (the changes will be applied to every track loaded)


More than anything, any good user of Land or TwoNav loves the endless possibilities our software offers to change how tracks look. These are some of the most important customisation properties:

Track colour

customise tracks

Track width

customise tracks

Track line type

customise tracks

Edit these and many other properties from:

  • Land: ‘Select track > Click on the button bar > Select View category’
  • TwoNav: ‘Main menu > Files > Tracks > Select track > Select View category’

Note: These properties will be saved in tracks with the *.TRK format (they will not be saved in tracks with the *.GPX format)


Track with directional arrow

customise tracks

Even using the above properties, it’s often hard to know what direction the track is going. If you enable this option, you will see the direction of the track overlaid on top.

Show directional arrows from:

  • Land: ‘Main menu > Options > Tracks > Draw arrows over the track’
  • TwoNav: ‘Main menu > Full settings > Map page > Objects on map > Tracks > Draw arrows over the track’

Variable colour tracks

One of the least-known features of Land and TwoNav is the option to show a track with various colours that represent the how a field changes over the course of a route (altitude, speed, slope, time, heart rate…).

customise tracks

This tool provides visual cues to give you an overall idea of the track. In other words, if you select the “Altitude” field, Land/TwoNav will show you the altitude along the track route (the brighter the colour, the higher the altitude at that point).

Enable the track gradient from:

  • Land: ‘Button bar > Track variable color’
  • TwoNav: ‘Main menu > Full settings > Map page > Objects on map > Tracks > Track variable color’

Look of the navigated track

If you’re navigating, Land and TwoNav let you highlight the track so you don’t have to strain your eyes and can instead enjoy your outdoor activities.

customise tracks

Of the many possibilities available, we would like to point out the option of showing the current track with a double line, of changing its thickness, or even its colour:

  • Land: ‘Main menu > Options > Navigation > Tracklog’.
  • TwoNav: ‘Main menu > Full settings > Map page > Objects on map > Tracks > Navigated track’
Track colour by laps

customise tracks

If a track is divided into laps, open it and you can analyse the track laps with visual cues that show each lap in a different colour. To change the colour of a lap, go directly into that lap’s properties and change its colour:

  • Land: ‘Select lap > Click Properties on the button bar > Select View category’
  • TwoNav: ‘Main menu > Files > Tracks > Select track > Lap analysis > Select lap > Properties’

Both Land and TwoNav let you analyse automatic segments, in which case they will be shown in alternating colours. To turn off the alternating colours, press ‘Automatic laps on map’ in the advanced settings.

It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.


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