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First steps: how to use a TwoNav GPS

TwoNav devices are an excellent option to enjoy the most advanced technology during your favorite activity. Below we present a basic tutorial with the first steps to use your TwoNav GPS correctly.

Power and language

The first thing you must do is to charge the battery. Once your device is charged, press and hold “ON/OFF” to turn your TwoNav device on. The first set-up option  in your device will be the Language option. A After a main menu will then be displayed on your GPS device with 8 icons.

Let’s take a look at what each icon is for:

TwoNav1. Map and position

Lets begin by trying out the following icons on the menu. The icon in the lower left (see featured image) will open the map page where you will be able to view the device’s pre-installed map. An arrow will indicate where you are and that the GPS has found your position. If your GPS  does not obtain your position the arrow will not appear, or you will see a question mark.

Important note: in order to return to the main menu just press the bar at the bottom of the screen (data bar).


2. Data and graphs

Press the icon to the lower right (see image) and you will find various pages with general data of your session: distance to destination, speed, chronometer, slope, graphs, compass etc…

Important note: to return to the main menu just press the icon with the 9 little squares.



3. Your outdoor activity

In the main menu you will find an icon to choose your outdoor activity (hiking, running, mountain biking, car, skiing etc…). Press  the icon and you can choose a predetermined set-up based on the outdoor activity you wish to perform and you will be shown some preset parameters for the activity in which you are engaged. Remember that you can change your activity at any time.


4. General set-up

In the gears icon (see image) you will find a list with of practical functions you can change: language, alarms, auto route, 2D/3D map, power mode, turn off screen, calibration etc… In another chapter we will examine some of these functions and their possibilities in detail.


5. Search tool
The magnifying glass icon (see image) features 8 options: addresses, points of interest, favorites, waypoints, routes, tracks, coordinates and simulations. The objective of this menu section is to navigate using one of these 8 options.


6. Device status
Using the “Status” icon you can check or set different device parameters like volume, brightness, GPS signal status, battery etc…


7. Files

In files (see image) you will find six options with all your waypoints, tracks, routes, maps etc… in each section you can check and manage the content stored there. Initially you will find a demo track, a demo route or a demo map as examples, but here is where the user can store their waypoints, tracks, routes etc… for each activity.


8. Let’s go!

Once you have reviewed and set up the Main Menu options, just click on “Start!”, but remember not everyone wants to start navigating with their GPS in the same way.

Six different navigation modes:

No destination:
• Free (no specific destination)
With destination:
• Place (various types: waypoint, select on the map, Favorites…)
• Track (follow a track previously recorded or designed on the map)
• Route (different waypoints, placed successively, indicate a specific route)
• Historic (history of user destinations)
• Training (train by distance, time, trackattack or free)

TwoNav9. Pause or stop
To finish your activity go to the main menu and you will notice that while your GPS device is functioning the “Start!” icon will no longer appear at the top but the “Control” icon, which allows you to pause or stop your session:

Pause: press again to resume activity
Stop:finalizes your activity and gives you a rundown of the activity data:
• General analysis of your activity
• Map
• Graph
• Analysis of sections
• Detailed data

CompeGPS-Software-Land10. At home…
Review and analysis your activity with the TwoNav Land software
(for PC or Mac) perfect for analyzing and preparing your activities. Land will allow you to analyze your sessions in detail on graphs, create tracks with photos, commentaries and audio, view maps in 3D, convert tracks and maps to other formats…though this is for another chapter!

TwoNav helpful tips, to get the very most out of your GPS device!

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  • Tutorials Land

    First steps: how to use a TwoNav GPS

    TwoNav devices are an excellent option to enjoy the most advanced technology during your favorite activity. Below we present a basic ...
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