Generate local maps from remote maps

Generate local maps from remote maps

Did you know that… the Land software allows you to select an area of a topographic or orthographic on-line map (remote map) at the same time that you create a local file which can be transferred to GPS TwoNav?

By doing this the user won’t need to be connected during his outdoor activities. Take the chance to know how to do it:

1. Open a remote map.

Open Ortophoto Map

Open Spain Orto map

2. You can find them among those that are installed by default along with Land software (examples: Espana_ortho_utm30.cwms, USA_Canada_MyTopo.cwms or OpenStreetMaps)*

3. You can also get remote maps (among others) from “menu> maps> download from internet a map for this area“.

Download Internet map

Orto IGN Spain

4. Then, open a track in order to select a more detailed area of the remote map.

Select a track

5. Select the piece of map that you want to transfer to your GPS TwoNav.

Select the piece of map

Create Map area

Create local map

6. Specify the name of your map and save it in inside Land’s ‘maps’ folder. This action will start the process of creating the map. This process can take hours for large map sections.

Specify the name of your map

Map creation

7. Once saved, drag the file to the external device.

Move and drag map to GPS device

8. Once the user starts working with our GPS device, you only have to select the new map from “Data > Maps”.

*Note: IGN Géoportail on-line maps do not work with local sections.

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