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Land: Easy creation of waypoints

Discover the new way to mark waypoints in Land 8.6. Now, easily create waypoints directly from the toolbar. Discover how:



Creating waypoints just got easier! Download Land 8.6 and and follow these steps:

1 – Click on ‘New waypoint’ in the toolbar, position in the upper part of Land.

2 – Then, a window will open where you can add basic data of the point you are about to mark: name and waypoint icon. This ensures that all your waypoints will have a name and icon associated to it, preventing you leaving any out and have to go back to rename them at a later stage.

3 – Finally, move the cursor over the map and decide where you want to mark your waypoint. As you move your cursor, the waypoint icon will follow you until you click on the exact position to locate the new point.


Once created, remember that you can open the properties of your waypoints and add more information any time, like description, add attachments, show area around you etc.


KNOW MORE: twonav.co/2ByN6CR


Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.

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