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Land: Improvements to the track editor

Land continues to evolve. Discover the improvements we’ve added to the track editor. Download Land 8.7 for free and try them for yourself!


Create track points on top of the track you are editing

In previous versions, Land’s track editor didn’t allow a track point on top of the track you were editing, even if your itinerary went through that point (for example: a route where at some point you go over the same path). In fact, if you did, the editing tool was automatically deselected.

This small bug made it difficult to draw paths that passed over the same road or intersected at some point.  Now, with Land 8.7 you can mark more track points atop the track you are editing.


Create intermediate track points by double clicking

Now, when editing your routes, keep in mind this new behaviour when pressing any track point:

Single press on track point: As before, the pressed point is selected.

Double press on track point: Land will now interpret you wish to add an intermediate point between the selected point and the one next to it.

Press track point and hold: As before, you can move the point to another location.


Create roadbook points more easily

Starting with Land 8.7, the way roadbook points are created changes slightly. These are the changes:

First: Assign a name and icon to the point you want to create.

Then: Move the pointer over the track until the roadbook point is over the desired location.



IMPORTANT: In addition, from now on you can also undo changes by pressing Control + Z (Windows) or Command + Z (Mac).


LEARN MORE: twonav.co/2XUOece


Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.

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