Logbook: Statistics and schedules of your routes

Logbook: Statistics and schedules of your routes

Land software offers you the possibility to create a personal archive of tracks (Logbook) to classify all your activities with detailed information.

First of all, launch Land and open several tracks. Tracks will be shown at the data tree as well as in the main window.

Tracks CompeGPS Land

After that, in case of not having a Logbook already created, select: “Tracks > Logbook > Create a new logbook“.

New Logbook

Once created, you should transfer all your tracks to the logbook. To do this, click the right mouse’s button on the track and select: “File > Save tracks on the logbook”.

Add Tracks to logbook

When tracks are finally stored inside the logbook, you will be able to open it: “Tracks > Logbook > Open logbook: (name).MDB”.

Open Logbook

A new window will be opened at the lower side of the application with different tabs being displayed: Logbook, Calendar and Statistics.

The ‘Logbook‘ tab, shown by default, presents basic information of all the current tracks as well as numerical information of each route (day, time of departure and arrival, duration, distance,…).

Tracks Data

Calendar‘ tab shows relevant data placed among calendar days (in this example projected distance is being presented).

Tracks Calendar

Statistics‘ tab generates graphic representations according to date and time intervals of segmented tracks. This feature helps the user to easily visualize variables such as ascent, distance or even maximum altitude by day, by week, by month,…

Tracks Statistics

Logbooks are very useful to compare evolutions and get an extremely detailed control of each performed activity. Feel free to try logbooks!

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