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Did you know that with TwoNav you can record a track in *.GPX format?

One of the best things after you finish your outdoor activities is to be able to share your track with friends. There are many different platforms on which you can share your tracks, but you must remember that each platform works with a specific format. So depending on your needs with TwoNav you can decide in which format you want to record the track of your activity.

TwoNavTwoNav has its own format: *.TRK is a very practical format that allows you to create genuine e-Roadbooks, in which you can include all types of additional information related to any point on your route like coordinates, videos, descriptions, links, iconography…

TwoNavTwoNav also allows you to easily record, your outings in other formats, such as the classic *.GPX: a fairly standard format compatible with many other services. Recording your track in the *.GPX format can enable you to upload it to many sports activity management platforms for example, where you can share your track.

TwoNav, by default records the track of your activity in *.TRK, but if your circle of friends use platforms to share their tracks where the base format is *.GPX, it may be worthwhile to set up your device so that it directly records your track in this format.

Let’s see how to do this with TwoNav: Main menu > Settings > Full settings > Tracklog > File > File format

* To set up this configuration, go to the ‘gear’ icon on the ‘Main Menu’.

TwoNavHowever if you have NOT recorded your track directly in *.GPX with TwoNav, always convert your track later with our “Land” software. How? When downloading select “Save as” and choose the type of format that you want to save your track in for example: GPX

One thing to you must remember with tracks recorded in *.GPX is that this format does NOT save certain information, such as the color of the track, or width etc, although it does save the information registered by your external sensors: heart rate monitor, cadence sensor etc.

With the flexibility provided in the TwoNav configuration you can work with any format and share your tracks with all your friends.

 Enjoy sports, navigate with TwoNav!

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