The Roadbook, a written memory of each travel

The Roadbook, a written memory of each travel

TwoNav goes even further including in Land software a very useful tool to create Roadbooks. Get the chance to create your own Roadbooks including all kinds of information, such as coordinates, photos, descriptions, links of the most significant places of your itineraries…

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A logbook is not something new. In fact, sailors, anthropologists, adventurers and traders have used logbooks for centuries. Etymologically, the name “logbook” was the place where the sailors kept these trip notes: inside the logbook –a cylindrical enclosure located on the deck of a boat– sailors used to write down any remarkable fact during the trip.

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As you can see, over the years we haven’t changed that much. In fact, a roadbook is an interactive logbook containing information such as diagrams, GPS coordinates, written instructions, iconography in digital format. By making your own Roadbooks in digital format it will be easier for you to share them in other devices and send them to your contacts. This is a commonly used tool that rally drivers, hikers and all kinds of adventurers use to travel all across the world in a safely way.

Roadbook Example of Barcelona (My TwoNav)

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From TwoNav we would like to expand the possibilities of Land software. At the moment, Land has become a powerful and innovative tool that allows you to record and analyse all your itineraries with extensive information. In fact, companies as well as travel agencies have proven the ability of Land to offer all kinds of new services for its customers such as expanding their itineraries with more information in different languages…
Get the chance to create your own Roadbooks with Land!

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