How do you use a TwoNav Ultra in 10 steps?

How do you use a TwoNav Ultra in 10 steps?

With this revolutionary device, CompeGPS offers you the best tool for mountain biking, walking, trail running, skiing or running. Powerful and light, TwoNav Ultra is an excellent way of carrying the latest technology on your wrist, in your pocket or on your bike. The simple tutorial below shows you how using the latest GPS technology is much easier than you think.

Twonav ultra

1) How to carry it…
The first thing you need to be clear about is the range of options for carrying your TwoNav. The big advantages of this little GPS include the possibility of carrying it in different ways:

TwoNav Ultra

In your hand (with the short strap or hand lanyard).
On your wrist (inside your wrist or in the classic way facing outwards, like a sports watch, and either vertically or horizontally).
On your bicycle (vertically, on the handlebars or stem).
In any pocket (measurements: 51 x 73 x 23 mm).

Hung round your neck… (from the appropriate lanyard).

TwoNav Ultra

2) How to switch it on…

A long press on “OK” will switch on your TwoNav Ultra (it will bleep!).

TwoNav Ultra

Note: If it does not come on, the first think to check is whether the battery is charged.

3) Where I am…

Your GPS must know your position and therefore has to find it. So go outside and wait for your TwoNav Ultra to establish your GPS position (an icon for your position – a dot with circular waves – appears). Now you know where you are!

TwoNav Ultra

4) The basics…
Check that everything works and familiarise yourself with the GPS…
Zoom +/- (right-hand side buttons)
Drag the map (touch screen)…
● Go back to your position (with the ‘recentre’ button – a round icon with a cross – on the touch screen, or the ‘back/page’ key).

TwoNav Ultra

Set map orientation → Show the tool bar (touch the screen and 3 icons appear at the top) and set it up:
North up or Track up (with the middle icon): ‘North Up’ is a good general reference and will always point you to the north. On the other hand, TrackUp is the best quick reference and always points (with the arrow) in relation to the user’s position.

TwoNav Ultra

View maps in 2D/3D/3D+

5) Use the ‘page’ button (bottom left) to see the 3 pages:
Data fields: by default there are 4 sections in the data pages: odometer (where you can find the chronometer, accumulated climb, speed, etc.), destination, graphics page and compass. To move from one to another, use the up/down keys (top/bottom right).
Main menu (where you can find the starting options, data, status, etc.)

TwoNav Ultra

6) Options on your way…
Begin a route (go to main menu – bottom left button) to start off.
1) Main menu

TwoNav Ultra

2) Set off!

TwoNav Ultra
Select navigation type:
Place (various kinds: waypoint, select on the map, favourites..)
Follow a GPS track
■ Training (by distance, time, TrackAttack or books)
Back (straight to start, navigate the track in reverse to get to your starting point or straight home)
History (history list of the user’s destinations)
Free navigation

3) Once you’ve decided, press OK
How to get tracks?
Upload them from a computer (with software from PC Land)
● Tracks recorded on TwoNav (previous outings)
Created manually on TwoNav (track editing)

TwoNav Ultra

7) On your way…
○ Finding your way to a destination:
Place -> guide line

TwoNav Ultra
Track -> highlighted in green and white

TwoNav Ultra
No destination -> ‘monitor movements only’
Look at data fields: speed, altitude, distance, etc.

TwoNav Ultra
Note: You can get to different data pages by pressing up and down.

8) A rest… (pause and stop)

Pause or stop: To do this go to main menu → Status → Pause/Stop
Press the Pause/Stop button:
Pause (press again to “unpause” or resume your route)
Stop: brings the route to an end and shows you a review of the data on it
Shortcut: Press the OK button (top left) to go straight to the status page, where you can pause or stop the route.

TwoNav Ultra

9) This is what we’ve done…

TwoNav Ultra

Route review. These are the data displayed when you press pause, and give you:
○ General overview of the route:

TwoNav Ultra


TwoNav Ultra

Analysis of sections

TwoNav Ultra

Detailed data

Note: You can look at ‘trip review’ at any time (no need to stop). Open ‘menu’ (with a long press on ‘page’) and select ‘trip review’.

10) At home…

Software Land

Review and analysis with PC Land software.
CompeGPS has the ideal software for analysing and preparing your routes. The idea is to use this software with your saved track. Land enables you to review your data, share your track and more – but that’s another chapter.

TwoNav Ultra

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  • How do you use a TwoNav Ultra in 10 steps?
    Tutorials Land

    How do you use a TwoNav Ultra in 10 steps?

    With this revolutionary device, CompeGPS offers you the best tool for mountain biking, walking, trail running, skiing or running. Powerful and ...
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