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Did you know that… TwoNav offers the peace of mind of finding your way back at any time?

Despite the multiple navigation functions that TwoNav offers, this week in “Did you know that” we present three options for finding your way back if you get lost.

way back

The easiest way to find your way back is to simply look on the map and trace back the route you recorded. If this isn’t enough and you’ve gotten yourself lost, follow these steps to find your way back.

  1. In the map window, do a short press on the map to show the tool bar.
  1. Then select ‘Page tools > Go back’.
  1. Finally, select one of the options described below.


To return to the point where you started the activity, press ‘Start point’. Two Nav will calculate the shortest route from your current position to the start point of the track.

way back

This requires loading a road map (OSM or TomTom). If you don’t have a routable map on your device, TwoNav will calculate a straight line to the start point.


Another option to return to the start point is to retrace your steps by navigating the track backwards. In other words, TwoNav will reverse the track you have recorded so far so you can navigate it in reverse.

NOTE: The inverted track will be saved under a different name, with the two tracks stored in separate files (’Original track’ and ‘Trackback’).

way back


If what you want is to finish your activity at that point and go directly home without passing through the start point of the track, hit ‘Home’. This feature is mainly intended for car navigation. TwoNav will calculate the best road route back to your home.

way back

It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.


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