CrazyNav Party 2012. Something totally different

CrazyNav Party 2012. Something totally different

It happened on October 6th, but our feelings are still high: the first TwoNav party could not be better. Almost 120 people were gathered in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona), including users, friends and fans. The first CrazyNav party took place at the Nautic Club in Cabrera de Mar, close to the beach in the Mediterranean sea during a summer day on early autumn.

We consider ourselves, CompeGPS, a unique company, so our party followed our standards. We did not want to create the typical sporting event or something different from the philosophy of the company. For this reason, we offered to our friends a full day related to the GPS guidance full of surprises.

The party started with the registration of participants, followed by the distribution of the “Welcome pack” (shirt and basic explanations). 60 couples took part in three different sports: mountain biking, hiking and trail running. Each pair with a GPS device and the proposed route according to their activity.

Biking spirit

What seemed easy, proved to be a real challenge, activities took place in several towns (Cabrera de Mar, Vilassar de Mar and Argentona). Our participants had the most important waypoints of the route loaded in their GPS. The combination between GPS and waypoints allows our participants to arrive to the points of interest marked by the organization, once there, they experienced some surprises. Among them, stressed archery, a vertical rappel (30 meters) and searching extra waypoint marks. The latter activity wac to find out hidden elements , all they had was a paper map and the inner compass of the GPS device.

Over 3 hours of physical activity in spectacular landscapes. What came next after so much sweating? a beer, a quick shower and a fellowship meal with 10 different dishes.

Rappel in Cabrera de Mar

Robin hood

And in the evening… relax, good music by the group “Dulce castigo” and as well as the awards ceremony (best and worst participants). That was a fun way to end the party with a spectacular twilight landscape. The winners were:

Mountain Bike:
1. Joan Nadal and Carles Pujol
2. Pep Conesa and Raül Contijoch
3. Claudio Chaves

1. Armen Khederlarian and Klara Stepanova
2. Cristopher May and Marine Mourin
3. Ricard Solé and Irene Aiats

Trail Running:
1: Enric Twose and Isabel
2: Ivan Mirasol and Antonio Barriga
3: Ester Cortés and Olaya Barruel

Special prizes:
Robin Hood: Eloy Sobrino and Dani
Vertical limit: Ferran Perez and Josep Aniento
Golden Compass: Enric Towse and Isabel
Lanterne rouge: Bibiana Lugo and Soizic Beaucourt

In case you want to relive this experience, here you have the tracks as well as the map of the area.

The party was also a good opportunity to present our new GPS device, TwoNav Ultra, its lauch will take place next November.

Finally, we would like to thank the presence and support of all the people who came to participate in these activities, especially those who came from far: Cadiz, Murcia, Galicia and Madrid.

Sport, fellowship and technology. What else matters?

Thank you all! We promise that CrazyNav will be even bigger next year. Get to know your ideas for the next edition…

If you want to see more pictures, click here.

Mountain Biking

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  • CrazyNav Party 2012. Something totally different

    CrazyNav Party 2012. Something totally different

    It happened on October 6th, but our feelings are still high: the first TwoNav party could not be better. Almost 120 ...
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