TwoNav will be the official partner of the Millennium Titan Desert by Gaes 2012

TwoNav will be the official partner of the Millennium Titan Desert by Gaes 2012

Official GPS Titan Desert

TwoNav will collaborate with the Millennium Titan Desert by Gaes 2012 as the official partner. Thus, during the course of the competition TwoNav GPS devices will become the guiding tool for all participants.

The Titan Desert is considered a competition reference for mountain bikers as one of the most difficult contests in the world due to the required effort.

Under these precepts, CompeGPS products are essential for both organizers and participants. TwoNav GPS and software have been designed to fulfill all needs during cycling and outdoor activities.

Titan Desert CompeGPS

GPS TwoNav Delta is the one that will be used by the organization members allowing them to follow tracks during the entire competition. In addition, Land software will be the perfect complement to prepare and analyse each route before that stage takes place. Finally, GPS TwoNav Sportiva+, especially designed for bikers, is a rugged device ideal for any weather condition.

More than 500 participants will take part in this huge aventure in the Moroccan desert (begining on April 29th). Trip stages will cover over 100 kilometers facing high temperaturas and many surprises.

The desert legend continues…

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