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Land 8.7: Here’s what’s new

Land software version 8.7 is out now, offering new and exciting features. Read below to find out more:



– Start and finish points easier to tell apart [MORE INFO]

– Improvements to the track editor [MORE INFO]

– Access editing and analysis tools from the route properties [MORE INFO]

– Open tracks from directly in Land [MORE INFO]

– New orthophoto map of the entire world now available [MORE INFO]




– In some cases, opening Land closed the ‘World_Base_Map.cosm’ and ‘World_Base_Relief.cwdem’ maps

– Faulty altitude data no longer appears when creating track points on top of other tracks.

– Fixes for several errors involving laps:

– The ‘Change lap here’ feature did not work if a point was not selected.

– A track divided into laps was shorter than the original track (when it should be the same size).

– The ‘Assign time and speed’ feature no longer assigns values of “0”.

– The ‘Repair’ feature works normally again for all GPS units connected via USB.

– and buttons can now be added to the toolbar.

– The correct tools are displayed again in the vector map editor.

– The search engine in ‘Main Menu> File> Options’ works normally again.

– iPhone/iPad devices connect correctly without showing a ‘Device error’.

– Suunto’s Movescount can open tracks in * format.GPX generated with Land.

– Land correctly reads time data in * tracks.IGC recorded by Syride devices.



Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.

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