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TwoNav Velo for cycling, mtb, road cycling

Which Velo GPS is best for your activity?

Ever since we started down the road in this industry a few years ago, our challenge has always been to innovate, to adapt our products to the specific needs of each athlete.

In this article we describe the key features of each model in our future line of GPS devices for cycling, the Velo line, so you can decide which of them is best suited to your riding needs.


If you love riding on roads and optimizing your everyday workouts, Velo Road is the device that will best meet your needs.
With its aerodynamic design, light weight and three customizable colors, you’ll be able to pick the unit that best fits in with the rest of your gear.
Thanks to built-in speed, cadence and heart rate sensors, you’ll be able to collect over 80 data fields in real time (elevation, distance, cadence, power, heart rate, etc.).
You’ll also be able to analyze your workout down to the second to see your progress, total distance climbed, the distance to the next mountain top and much more.
Velo Road will also feature the Full Connect system and mounts specifically for bikes that will help you reach your goals more safely and reliably.

GPS TwoNav Velo Road


Do you prefer riding in the mountains? If you want a GPS device that can withstand the most extreme adventures while featuring the most accurate navigation systems, the Velo Mountain is the device for you.
Thanks to its built-in topographic map and the ability to load multiple maps, you’ll get the perfect navigation you need. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in an unfamiliar location, so you can focus solely on squeezing the most enjoyment from your experience.
Velo Mountain will also have a heart rate meter so you can see your heart rate at all times. That way you can see if you’re pushing too hard and if it’s time to take a break.
You’ll also benefit from our Full Connect technology, which will be incorporated into TwoNav’s entire line of future GPS units.

GPS TwoNav Velo Mountain


Do you like any and all two-wheeled sports, especially those involving cycling?
With Velo you’ll have all navigation and performance advantages of TwoNav software, with the added benefit of being able to choose your own maps and accessories separately.
Thanks to our Full Connect technology, you’ll be able to pair compatible ANT+ or BLE sensors you already have, or buy one or more dual sensors separately from TwoNav. It depends on what you need!
You’ll also be able to pick the mounts that are best suited to your bike and sporting activity so the GPS device stays securely attached.

 GPS TwoNav Velo

Whether your personality is on the wild side, or a bit more cosmopolitan, we’ll offer two GPS devices ready to go right out of the box, Velo Road and Velo Mountain, plus the option to create your own GPS unit by picking the maps and accessories you prefer and purchasing them separately.

Pin Mode

Did you know that… TwoNav features several tools in the Pin mode?

Did you know that… TwoNav features several tools in the Pin mode?


This week, on a new instalment of “Did you know that”, we show you how to use TwoNav’s pin mode. Though it generally goes unnoticed, it has a lot of potential, as we’ll show you now.


What is TwoNav’s ‘Pin’ Mode?


Pin mode

Pin mode is a powerful tool that lets you use very useful information to analyze your surroundings. To activate the pin mode, click and hold on a point on the map.


The selected position will be marked on the map with a pin, and a window will open on top showing information on that point (TwoNav will shift from ‘Data’ mode to ‘Pin’ mode).



What information can I see in ‘Pin’ mode?


Main information


Depending on what you selected, TwoNav will show one of the following:


  • Bearing from your current position to the point selected.

Pin Mode


  • Name of the element selected (if you clicked on a waypoint, track, route, street, POI, etc.).

Pin Mode

Pin Mode


  • Coordinates of the point (if no element is selected).

Pin Mode


Secondary information

Pin Mode


The second line in ‘Pin’ mode will show the following by default:


  • Distance from your current position to the point selected.


  • Altitude of the point selected


To see more information, you can add more fields from ‘Main menu > Settings > Full settings > Map page > Pin mode’.



What can I do inside ‘Pin’ mode?

Pin Mode


If you click on the top window, you’ll be able to do several things:


  • Create an element on the selected point: Waypoint, track or route.


  • Edit the properties of the selected point:


  • For waypoints: Change the waypoint icon, move the waypoint to a new location, etc.


  • For routes: Change the icons of the waypoints that make up the route, edit the route layout, add more waypoints to the route, reverse the route direction, show a graph with altitudes on the route, and more.


  • For tracks: Edit the track layout, divide the track into laps, show a graph with altitudes on the track, play back a simulation of the track, etc.


  • For maps: See the map’s properties, show the map’s contour, arrange maps into several layers, etc.


  • Anchor your selected position: Replace your current position by marking another position on the map. Once set, the information shown in the distance fields will be based on the new, anchored position, not your actual position. Also, if you hit ‘Re-center’, TwoNav will re-center on the anchored reference point instead of your current position.


  • Navigate to the selected point: The navigation will start from the current position to the point selected (waypoint, track or route).


Pin Mode

Remember that once you mark a location on the map, you can change the position of the pin by clicking elsewhere on the map. The information shown in ‘Pin’ mode will be updated based on the location you mark.


To close the ‘Pin’ mode, press the ‘Back’ button on the top bar.






It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.


  • Download TwoNav (Free, unlimited version)


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The most important thing for any cyclist is to enjoy the activity, whether it’s on the road or in the mountain.


The goal of TwoNav is to improve all your rides, which is why the future line of GPS devices will offer an amazing experience that relies on the latest technological advances to put everything you need in the palm of your hand.


Thanks to compatibility with ANT+™ and BLE sensors, you’ll be able to get the most from each adventure. You’ll be able to collect a large amount of customizable data so you can determine your performance every step of the way.
This system will make it easy to use all types of ANT+™ and BLE compatible sensors. You’ll be able to connect sensors you already have, or to use official TwoNav dual sensors if you prefer.


With Bluetooth technology, you’ll be able to get alerts for calls and WhatsApp notifications while you’re pedaling, so your mobile can stay out of harm’s way. Put it in your backpack while you’re enjoying the most extreme activities and stay in touch with anyone who tries to locate you.

Logo full connect TwoNav velo


Our new line of GPS cycling devices will feature a built-in Wi-Fi connection that will let you share your track data with friends and other users whenever you want. Just connect the Wi-Fi on the device and share your adventure with a single click, without having to download data to your computer. In a few seconds, your data will be published on GO by TwoNav and Strava.


By connecting the unit to Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to update the GPS unit’s software and enjoy all the latest features. That way you’ll always have the latest available version with no problems and with just one click. You’ll get to enjoy every improvement as we publish it so your device will never be left behind.


A new service included in the future line of GPS cycling devices, SeeMe, will let you broadcast your position in real time. You can use it both to share your activity instantly with friends or teammates and to alert your relatives to an emergency. You’ll always be safe and connected when you need it.

In short, this upcoming FULL CONNECT experience will help you get the most out of each outing, letting you share your adventures easily with anyone you want.

In future posts we’ll explain the multiple features of each of these systems. Stay tuned!

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New gps Velo for cycling

Great features for cyclists in a compact device

Making sure you enjoy your outdoor activities with our GPS units is a top priority for us. That’s why for our upcoming range of products, we’ve thought about all the features that will let you focus on your activity so you can enjoy it to the maximum.

Here’s a preview of some of the features in our new range of GPS units specially designed for cycling.


You will be able to open all the maps you need at the same time on the screen. For example, you can open a topographic map and overlap it with a road map to round out the information and get a more precise view of your route.
Once the maps are loaded, you can also calculate the route to take or load a previously stored track.


Before you start training or go riding in the mountains, you will be able to set up Velo to display the information you want to analyse (like heart rate, distance, power, cadence, cumulative ascent, etc.). All these stats will be shown on simple and intuitive graphs.
You will also be able to set alarms to have Velo notify you if you go over any of your pre-set limits.


Return home safely and focus on enjoying your workout. With features like Trackback, you’ll be able to simply retrace your route or go back to the start point of your workout by taking the same route you did before.
But that’s not all. Velo includes other features, like returning to the start point by calculating the most direct route from your current location.


Set up the hardest and most competitive workout you can imagine with the TrackAttack feature. Velo gives you the option to load a previous track with its times so you can beat your own best times every day. That way you’ll know if you’re able to improve on your previous best times.

Thanks to all these features, Velo will be a complete sports GPS unit that is tailored and created for cyclists.

To learn more about the launch of Velo, stay tuned to new posts, where you will discover more specific features for cyclists.

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TwoNav Velo sketch for cycling

The exclusive Velo design: from sketch to reality

Designing a new GPS unit involves a lot of hard work and effort. Combining innovation and design in a single device that can stand up to the demands of an elite athlete is a complex process but, like all great athletes, we never give up.

From the first sketches the Velo was created with cycling enthusiasts in mind. Step by step we perfected every single design element to achieve a unique device that has everything a cyclist needs.


Sourcing tough, quality materials was essential to TwoNav’s future projects, so we opted for a 100% made in Spain product. Adapting to this new development structure was a huge challenge, but like any outdoor sports enthusiast, we knew that despite all the effort the result would be worth it.


Velo is a cycling GPS device, so one of our main design goals was to make it manageable in size (60x105x20 mm) with aerodynamic styling and very lightweight (only 100 gr).
Its shell is made to withstand extreme conditions, whether in the rain, mud or dusty terrain, so you can test it without limits.

TwoNav Sketch Velo


We’ll admit we like to take things to the next level and we don’t just go with the flow. That’s why in addition to making a GPS unit that’s both tough and lightweight, we gave it an elegant design with a black base colour and minor accents in three colours to give it that flair that sports enthusiasts want.

Sketch TwoNav Velo


We thought of every detail when designing the Velo’s styling which is why it will be available in three different trim colours.
If you’re a serious athlete you can select a sporty red trim, whereas the more sophisticated and elegant among you will find the Velo with a black trim more to your taste. And if you’re after today’s modern look then we recommend the white trim.

In short, the Velo is a GPS device with a design intended exclusively for cyclists. No matter what you ride the Velo will adapt to whatever your needs.

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Connect to catch up on the latest. Welcome to TwoNav New in.

TwoNav New in : We have great things in store for 2017 lots of changes and innovations. That’s why we’ve created “TwoNav New in”, a new blog section where you’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest developments involving our products.

This section will detail what we’re working on at all times. You’ll find information on future launches, new features, and advice for getting the most from every one of your outings..

Enjoy this new section intended exclusively for TwoNav followers, ñwhere you can interact, share opinions, ask questions and more. It’s basically an area where you can feel like you’re part of our family.

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Did you know that… thanks to Land, you can create digital Roadbooks?

This week in “Did you know that…”, we show you how to create your own e-Roadbooks and add all kinds of information to them. Forget about paper!


For those who don’t know, a roadbook is a route guide with all kinds of information on the route: coordinates descriptions, diagrams and more. They are generally written on paper and describe waypoints along the route and maneuvers that make it easy to navigate.


This tool is normally used both by rally drivers and hikers who want to navigate with complete confidence in unknown terrain. Here’s a sample roadbook for rallies:


Digital, or e-roadbooks, leave behind the paper world and use specialized software to customize routes and include very useful information (diagrams, enhanced descriptions, photos, links to external websites, etc.).

So forget about paper and create your e-Roadbook at home on your computer with just a few clicks!



Next we’ll show you how to transform your tracks into e-Roadbooks. These are the materials you’ll need to make the most of your adventures:

  • The route track
  • Any notes you’ve taken along the route (waypoints, landmarks, maneuvers, images, etc.).
  • Land software (lets you turn tracks into e-Roadbooks)


We’re attaching a video to show you how easy it is to create your own e-Roadbooks using Land:

Tutorial: How do I create an e-Roadbook?

To summarize, these are the steps to follow to customize:

  • Step 1: Create roadbook points on the track (waypoints and landmarks).
  • Step 2: Add diagrams and comments to each point in the roadbook (maneuvers to make or important details to note).
  • Step 3: Once you’re done editing, save the track in the *.BTRK format.


It couldn’t be easier. Now it’s time to practice.

  • Download Land (30-day Premium trial version)