Aventura 2 Challenge: Summary

After finishing the Aventura 2 Challenge yesterday in the Dachstein mountains of Austria, our team of brave alpinists, already arrived in Chamonix to go back home, decided to celebrate the end of the challenge skiing in Vallée Blanche, downside the Mont Blanc. Thanks to the GPS Aventura 2, they could enjoy the good weather going down the mountain safely, allowing a spectacular finale for this risky winter challenge. They could identify every mountain around them in their GPS map of the area: Mont Blanc du Tacul, Dent du Géant, l’Aiguille du Dru, and many more.

We are very happy and proud the Aventura 2 Challenge was completed and that our team of ambassadors could celebrate with an impressive final skii route in the Alps.


Our new GPS Aventura 2 test was a success, the devices performed to perfection, in the worst weather conditions. TwoNav ecosystem allowed them to re-design the daily routes in LAND, every time there were bad weather alerts, as well as to share their position in real time with us back in Barcelona, using  SeeMe platform and upload & share all their data in the Go-cloud.





Aventura 2 Challenge. Day 4: Challenge completed!

Congratulations to the Aventura 2 Challenge ambassadors! Our team completed this winter challenge. Stefi Troguet, from Andorra, Ferran Latorre, from Spain, along with Frenchman Pierre Vignaux and German Elisa Deutschmann, with her husky Finn always at her side, were up to the task of completing the route along the Dachstein peaks, in the Hallstatt region of the Austrian Alps. Each stage was a challenge in itself, as they encountered snow, strong winds, extremely low temperatures and tough mountaineering sections en route. The Aventura 2 GPS performed perfectly and we were able to follow our 4 adventurers in real time on the SeeMe platform.





New Cycling gear: Freedom To Discover

Rediscover your passion for cycling

At TwoNav we know how important it is to feel comfortable during training or routes. That is why we have prepared this new “Freedom To Discover” kit for you.

Achieve maximum performance in the mountain and on the road with shirts and bib shorts designed with the most resistant and ergonomic materials on the market. Guaranteed success on every ride.

Ultralight, close fitting and highly breathable shirt. Ideal for slim, advanced users who want a second-skin effect.

Combines 4 different fabrics in a single garment that is technically very complete and resistant. Specifically designed for aggressive postures on the bike thanks to its perfect fit. Achieve maximum aerodynamic performance.

It features 3 angled pockets on the back in which to put your belongings.

Stay tuned to our website, it will be on sale soon!


News: Land and Suunto Value Pack partnership

A new collaboration is born, and we are happy to announce that Land is part of the Suunto Value Pack of the Suunto brand. This agreement allows you, with the purchase of a new Suunto watch, to enjoy an exclusive 50% off discount at Land.

Land allows you to transfer waypoints and routes directly to any compatible GPS device: TwoNav, Garmin, Suunto and more. You can share, connect and download routes and also obtain from online providers: IGN Rando, TraceGPS, LaTrace, UtagawaVTT, FFCT, DropBox, Google Drive, Strava or Training Peaks, among others.
As for routes and waypoints, remember that Land supports a wide variety of file formats: * .GPX, * .KML, * .KMZ, * .TCX, * .FIT and many more.

Versions Land

Land 8.9: Here’s what’s new

Land software version 8.9 is out now, offering new and exciting features. Read below to find out more:



– Tracks saved automatically in real time [MORE INFO]

– View the routes stored on your PC by folders [MORE INFO]

– Improved file syncing with the GO Cloud [MORE INFO]

– New ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ functions in the button bar [MORE INFO]

– Close several files at once in just 1 click [MORE INFO]

– Land is even easier and more accessible for everyone [MORE INFO]


Try yourself!



– Various unwanted behaviors in the track editor.

– Transfer tracks to some new Garmin GPS.

– If several waypoints are deleted at once, sound is played for each one.

– Several import problems in *.TIFF maps.

– On Mac, the graphics buttons doesn’t appear.

– Keyboard combinations do not work on Mac (for example: ‘Undo’ with CMD + Z and ‘Delete’ with DEL).

– The update process on certain TwoNav GPS (Anima, Ultra, Sportiva, Delta …) works properly again.

– Other minor issues fixed.


Try yourself!


Get the most out of Land and consult the user manual.

Tutorials Land

Land: Tracks saved automatically in real time

Do you like editing your own tracks? Download Land 8.9 and try autosave for tracks and waypoints. Forget about saving the changes you make, Land will do it for you!


Until now, if you made any changes to tracks or waypoints (edit points on the itinerary, change track colour, etc.), you had to save the files again to store the changes. If you didn’t, the changes were lost.

Starting with Land 8.9, each time you edit a track or make changes to your waypoints, these changes will be saved automatically without having to manually press ‘Save’.



Land joins other applications on the market, such as Google Drive, where changes are saved in real time. Don’t worry and focus on what matters most: your next outing.

Look at the data tree, when you see the “!” icon next to the file you are editing, this means that the changes haven’t been saved yet. In a few seconds, the icon will disappear and the changes will be saved.



If you want to disable autosave, go to: ‘Main menu > Options > General > Autosave’.


Try yourself!


Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.

Tutorials Land

Land: View the routes stored on your PC by folders

Find the route you’re looking for on your computer more easily without leaving Land. The data tree will show you the routes by folder, just as they’re organised on your PC. Download Land 8.9 now!


Until now, you were able to access the routes saved on your computer without leaving Land from the Land data tree (section ‘Stored files> My PC > Routes’). These routes appeared in a list one after another, even if they were distributed in subfolders inside your computer. 



With Land 8.9, these same routes will be shown already arranged by folder (same folder structure that you have on your computer). Remember that you can right-click to use the sort-by filter to more easily find the route you’re looking for.



You will also be able to see the same folder organisation on and on your TwoNav GPS (the device must have TwoNav 4.8 or higher).



Try yourself!


Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.

Tutorials Land

Land: Improved file syncing with the GO Cloud

File sync with the GO Cloud continues to improve in Land 8.9. Now, every time you delete a file from your computer, it will also be removed from the Cloud.


If you install Land 8.9, every time you delete a file from the explorer in your computer, it will also be deleted in the GO Cloud. For more security, Land will ask for confirmation before deleting the files from the Cloud that you deleted on your computer.



This way, you can delete files from your computer while keeping them in the GO Cloud, and thus have them stored in a safe place that’s accessible from other devices (TwoNav GPS, TwoNav app and Land).



Try yourself!


Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.

Tutorials Land

Land: New ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ functions in the button bar

How many times have you created a point-to-point itinerary, only to realise that you took the wrong path? Download Land 8.9 now and try the ‘Undo’ and ‘Redo’ buttons.


In order to make Land simpler and more practical, in Land 8.9 we have rearranged the top bar by removing the ‘Play track’ button to make room for two new features along the centre:

Undo: Deletes the last change made.

Redo: Restore the change you undid.


Both functions are intended to make it easier to edit tracks, although you can also use ‘Undo’/’Redo’ when creating waypoints, editing track properties, etc.


When creating point-to-point routes

For example, if during the creation of a track you take the wrong turn, now you can undo the change without having to delete that part of the point-to-point route. Just press ‘Undo’, and if you change your mind, you can always redo the changes and continue with that alternate route.


When editing properties

Another example: if you want to change the colour or thickness of an itinerary and you end up leaving like it was at the beginning, you will no longer have to remember what parameters you had set up. Press ‘Undo’ and you will retrieve the track you had before you started editing it.



By the way, if you miss any of the buttons you used to use, remember that Land lets you customise the button bar according to your needs. To add, move or delete any of the buttons, right click on the bar and press Customise.


Try yourself!


Get the most out of Land by looking over its interactive manual.