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TwoNav App: This is what Premium functions are like

If you have been using the TwoNav App for a long time, why do you settle for the basic navigation and outdoor orientation functions? What are you waiting for to turn your Smartphone into a powerful navigation system?

Here we present the TOP 3 of the most important tools that you are missing. Take your activities to another level!


Multisport app

Do you practice various sports: like hiking, cycling, etc …? You just have to tell the App what sport you are going to do and it will adapt its calculations to that sport. With the TwoNav Premium App you will be able to create as many sports profiles as you need, otherwise, you will only be able to configure a single sport. [I’M INTERESTED]

Route recalculation

Are you on the wrong street? Don’t worry, the App will automatically recalculate the path you must follow to resume your itinerary … And if you are in the forest, when you decide to end your activity, the App will indicate the steps to follow to return to the starting point by the same path (Trackback function). [I’M INTERESTED]

Data page customization

Are you missing any relevant information? Freely adapt content of the data pages with the values ​​that you are interested in monitoring (speed, height, heading, distance to destination …). In addition, you can configure alarms so that the App warns you when you exceed certain limits (heart rate, speed …). [I’M INTERESTED]


3D views

Real enough environment? Surely one of the most useful functions of the TwoNav Premium App. Show your itinerary in 3D and you will see the relief of the terrain you are about to tread … even before leaving home! [I’M INTERESTED]

Cache memory in internet maps

Don’t have an internet connection? In the mountains it is the most common. This function will allow you to save the free maps that you consult on the internet on your smartphone. Thus, when you do not have internet, you can continue viewing your map. [I’M INTERESTED]

Distance, Altitude and Bearing Measurement Tools

Does anyone give more? With the ‘Pin’ mode included in the TwoNav Premium App, you will be able to know your altitude, bearing and coordinates in any situation. The information will be updated as you move, at all times you will know the data of your position. [I’M INTERESTED]


Unlimited track and waypoint creation

Useful, right? Wherever you are, your smartphone will allow you to create a shortcut, consult different tracks in the area, or even work with several waypoint files at the same time. Maximum autonomy for your activity. [I’M INTERESTED]

Analysis tools

Are you one of those who like to relive your activities before and after? The TwoNav Premium App provides you with the analysis tools you need to evaluate the difficulty of your outing and monitor your performance in any training session: create sections and analyze them in maximum detail, divide a track into variable colors to identify the points of greatest effort … [I’M INTERESTED]

Customizable track recording

Would you rather * .GPX, * .TRK or * .IGC? Be yourself who decides the file format that the TwoNav Premium App will use to record your outings. Once you decide, you can also set the level of precision of the tracks you are going to record (more or less detailed). [I’M INTERESTED]

Remember that you can upgrade to Premium at any time. Exploit the full potential of the TwoNav App for so little!

And… if you still don’t know the TwoNav App, what better way to get to know it than to try it yourself? During the first 30 days you will enjoy all these Premium functions.