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Create new tracks quickly and easily

Create your routes easily with the new FastTrack functionality in Land, and create exciting outdoor adventures without the hassle of copying and merging tracks point by point. We’ll show you how to use this innovative feature and how it will make it easy for you to create new routes.

Simplifying the track creation process

Imagine the following situation: you have an awesome track, but you only want to use certain parts as references to create a new one. Previously, you would have had to copy those sections point by point or even cut and merge entire tracks. But that is a thing of the past! Now the process has become easier than ever.

How to use FastTrack

1-. Load your tracks: Start by loading the tracks you want to partially copy. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a routable vector map to use this function.

2-. Create a new track: Open the track editor and select the option to create a new track. This is where all the magic will take place.

3-. Add starting point: To start copying a specific section of the original track, simply add a point above the track you want to copy. This will be the start of the copied leg.

4-. FastTrack here: Now comes the exciting part. Right click on the end of the track you want to copy and select the “FastTrack to here” option. Magically, that entire section of the original track will automatically be added to the new track you’re creating!

5-. You can also freely add points to customize your track.

6-. If you want to add more parts of the original track, just repeat the operation. Add a point at the beginning of the next leg you want to copy and again select “FastTrack to Here”. It’s that simple!

Explore new possibilities with FastTrack

You can also use this tool while you are using FastTrack on a routable vector map, such as OSM or TomTom. Simply right-click and select “FastTrack to Here” or hold Control and left-click to add entire sections of tracks to your new ride.

With Land’s new features, creating new tracks has never been easier and faster. No more wasting time copying and pasting points or manually merging tracks. This tool allows you to make the most of existing tracks and easily create custom adventures. What are you waiting for? Start exploring with Land today and discover exciting outdoor experiences!