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Discover the new TwoNav ROC: The Revolution in navigation for adventurous cyclists


The wait is over: TwoNav presents its latest gem, ROC, a GPS that redefines the way adventurers explore the world. More than just a navigation device, ROC is an unrivaled travel companion, designed for adventurous cyclists and nature lovers who want to explore without limits. But what makes the ROC so special? Let me guide you through the features and benefits that make this GPS the ultimate choice for all your outdoor trips.

Detailed maps and innovative display: Your passport to the world

ROC is not just a GPS, it is a world of mapping possibilities in the palm of your hand. With IGN maps of Spain Topo at various scales, TomTom Iberia, OSM Mundo and 3D Relief Western Europe, this device gives you access to first-class cartography. Imagine having a detailed topographic map on a 2.7” Gorilla Glass display that offers exceptional visibility even in bright sunlight. Don’t get lost in complicated situations; This GPS features the best screen on the market combined with maps from the best publishers in the world to make the best decisions even at the most challenging points on your route.

GPS Roc, digital roadbooks

Error-free navigation: Your personalized guide at every step

Imagine having an expert guide in your pocket, ready to take you step by step through the most intricate trails. TwoNav digital roadbooks do just that. They guide you, avoiding wrong turns and providing real-time information to keep your route on the right path. Do you need to know what the next step is? With ROC, you’ll easily view directions, prompts, rich photos or videos as you go. It’s error-free browsing taken to the next level.

Unforeseen management: Your insurance in the mountains

In the outdoor world, unforeseen events are inevitable. But with ROC, you’ll be prepared for any challenge. Adapt to changing weather and unexpected mountain conditions with ease. A route that becomes complicated due to thick fog or a sudden drop in temperature? No problem. With ROC, you can add variants, waypoints and alarms to your routes on the fly to choose the best path in the face of any adversity.

ROC buttons

New levels of accessibility for cyclists: The ROC buttons

ROC has been designed specifically with the needs of adventurous cyclists in mind. Unlike other TwoNav GPS, ROC, in addition to the usual 4 side buttons on TwoNav GPS, has two physical buttons on the base of the device, a detail that has made a big difference in the user experience, especially for hobbyists. to cycling.

These strategically placed buttons not only make it easy to navigate while you’re on the move, but also provide an intuitive and quick way to access key functions. Riders can now switch between screens, adjust settings with the touch of a button, without needing to stop or take their eyes off the road.

This feature makes ROC the perfect companion for mountain biking enthusiasts, allowing them to stay focused on the route while taking full advantage of the device’s capabilities. The combination of advanced technology and intuitive accessibility makes the ROC an unparalleled GPS for adventurous cyclists seeking comfort and functionality during their wilderness journeys.

Cutting-edge Technology and Connectivity: Your Competitive Advantage

ROC is not just a GPS; It is a technological arsenal in your hands. It offers an autonomy of up to 18 hours of normal use, allowing you to plan activities for several days with complete peace of mind. With its GNSS geolocation chip that combines the 4 satellite constellations (GPS, Galileo, Glonass and Beidou) and its AGPS system, you will have fast and precise positioning anywhere. Additionally, its 5G Wi-Fi and dual Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly transfer routes and maps, receive real-time notifications, and share your experiences with other adventurers.

TwoNav Roc

A complete and safe experience: Your ticket to adventure

Discover a world of exploration beyond the usual paths. With ROC, each route becomes a new adventure, each challenge becomes an opportunity to grow. With its IP68 certified resistance and exceptional touch screen, this device is designed to survive the harshest conditions and most challenging terrain. Be bold, be fearless and let ROC be your guide every step of the way.

Roc, your trusted companion on every adventure

In short, TwoNav’s ROC is much more than just a GPS; It is your trusted companion on every adventure. With its perfect combination of detailed maps, error-free navigation and the ability to handle unexpected events, the ROC allows you to explore the world safely and accurately. Each route becomes an opportunity to discover new horizons, and each challenge is overcome with the certainty that you have the best team at your side.