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Finally they meet!

After 6 days of adventure over 700 km and 12,900 m of elevation gain for the cyclists, and almost 150 km and 6,600 m for the hikers, the two teams taking part in the Trail2Challenge accomplished their mission and joined in a warm embrace in front of the San Cipriano Church in Isaba (Navarre), a Pyrenean town that’s 100 km east of Pamplona and very close to Aragón.


Report Day 1
Report Day 2
Report Day 3

Report Day 4
Report Day 5
Report Day 6

We at TwoNav would like to congratulate the brave participants in this unique and unprecedented challenge. Thank you for trusting TwoNav and accepting our proposal to cross the Pyrenees with only the Trail 2 as your guide. If there’s one thing the Trail2Challenge has shown us it’s the enormous potential of Trail 2, which was vital for the hikers and cyclists to find one another. The participants tested the device and can attest to its great versatility and reliability.

Well done, champs!


Many of you followed the progress of the two teams live with SeeMe. Some even predicted where the two teams would meet. Thank you for joining us on this challenge!

It doesn’t all end here…

The challenge doesn’t boil down to physical exercise and trying out the latest technological advances. The environmental factor is key to turning this adventure in the Pyrenees into an unforgettable experience. At TwoNav, we are firmly committed to protecting the planet, which is why, for every kilometer travelled by the two teams, we donated € 1 to the Save a Forest NGO.