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GPS for motorcycles. Which to choose?


If you are into motorcycle outings, you may wonder how a GPS can help you on your road trips. The use of a mobile phone can help you on very short routes, but it can easily get hot, which is why in this article, we detail the benefits of choosing a GPS for your motorcycle.

Should I use a GPS for my motorcycle?

The answer is yes. Whether in sporadic outings through the mountains or extreme routes, the GPS will give you exact orientation of the terrain thanks to its maps, compass and waypoints.

The device will be very useful as it will show you, in full detail, the distance to the next waypoint you have marked and this translates into safety on the road. We know that motorcycles can pick up high speeds and you can’t get distracted while driving.

What should a good motorcycle GPS have?


To start, keep in mind, when choosing a GPS for a motorcycle, that it must be resistant to impacts and have a powerful attachment to the handlebar. This is key to driving safely and enjoying your route to the fullest. It is also important that your GPS is capable of setting alarms such as speeding, for example, or also highlighting emergency warnings in the event of a mishap or accident. Your safety must be the most important thing, do not forget it.

Screen. Size Matters

Currently there is a wide range of motorcycle GPS, with cutting-edge technology that will make your trips a true experience.

For motor vehicles, specifically for motorcycles, you must bear in mind that the size of the screen matters. You will need a GPS with a large screen, greater than three inches, to better view your map and marked routes. Also, remember that you should be able to navigate using your gloves, so a touch screen whose touch sensitivity you can regulate is recommended for use with these accessories. There are also GPS with buttons, or with both options, which will greatly facilitate the handling of the device.

Battery. Autonomy during your trip


If you choose to carry a GPS for your motorcycle, it is very important that it be of high performance. A good device will give you, in addition to resistance, a long-lasting autonomy, making sure you do not run out of battery during your road routes. An example is our GPS Aventura 2 Motor, with an autonomy of 36 hours and removable battery, in case you are preparing to do long-duration routes.

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Easy assembly

Choose a GPS that is easy to mount, with a secure anchor and a RAM mount. It is the best for a better experience. An example of this type of anchor for your motorcycle would be our model «Motorcycle handlebar RAM support«.

Ram Mount Cradle 01 Af 512x512

Topographic and road maps

Just as important as the device are the maps that you install in the GPS. We insist on the quality of the products; It is not the same to drive knowing that your map and route are reliable, to not doing it.

At TwoNav we have a wide catalog of totally accurate topographic maps, roads, 3D maps, etc.

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TwoNav Aventura 2 Motor

If you already have it clear, if yours is to feel the wind in your face and have a GPS that gives you maximum safety on the road, Aventura 2 Motor is your device. It gathers all the necessary characteristics to make your road trip a success. Do you want to know more about Aventura 2 Motor?