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Hiking. Walking under the rain

Hiking in the fall and winter often involves walking in the rain. What should we do in these cases?

There are hikers who love the smell of wet earth or the feeling of raindrops on their faces. Luckily today there are clothes and devices that allow us to go hiking these days. If you are one of those who do not change their plans because there is rain, or you are not scared of finding a storm while you walk through the mountains, we recommend a series of actions to make your route safer and more comfortable.

Tips for hiking in the rain

Prepare your route in the rain

“To prevent is to cure,” they say. If you have the opportunity to prepare your route, you will go much calmer and safer through the mountains, this is applicable to any getaway you do. We recommend you check the weather before your departure, it is the best option to equip yourself correctly.

Prepare your route before leaving home. If you have downloaded the TwoNav LAND software, you will see that it is very easy to edit your tracks, prepare your departure and view the maps at the same time. The itinerary is important, especially if we know the details of the terrain, since in dangerous weather conditions, such as walking in the rain, it is vital.

During rainy days there is a real and high risk of landslides. We insist that you plan your route very well to avoid dangerous situations.

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What are you wearing?

What clothes are better to take on your route? In a context of hiking in the rain it is best to avoid non-breathable clothing. With the humidity of the environment, the body can cool down and we can end up catching a cold and even hypothermia. The ideal is to wear inner layers, polyester or nylon garments accompanied by a waterproof outer layer that does not absorb water.

In the cases in which we have gone out to the mountain, and the rain has caught us off guard, avoid staying wet for a long time. It is important to find shelter so that you do not end up soaked. At this time it is always advisable to carry a spare part in your backpack, or a waterproof jacket at hand.

Another important issue is to keep your feet dry and wear comfortable and waterproof shoes. We also recommend that you bring hiking poles so that you can check the terrain and avoid taking a wrong step.

Hydrate yourself

Even if you don’t realize it, your body becomes dehydrated when you exercise. Humidity can play tricks, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water on your route.

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GPS for hiking in the rain

If you are going hiking in the rain, and you use a GPS for mountaineering and outdoor sports, it must be waterproof.

Our GPS Cross, for example, is a multi-disciplinary all-terrain GPS, ready for extreme mountain adventures, personal training sessions, or biking or hiking. Cross has different accessories for hiking, to make it much easier for you to carry your device (hung with a carabiner or with a backpack accessory).