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Interview: Julien Dépagneux, TwoNav Ambassador

Julien Dépagneux, also known by @la.cote.en.rando, whom you met during our Trail2Challenge, went with a group of friends to Mont Thabor, a pic of the French Alps, located in the Massif des Cerces. We have equipped him with our new Aventura 2 GPS.

We were curious to know how he was going to find the experience of a new TwoNav device, and what impressions they had of it.

Julien of course used our Land software to create his route, to study the terrain and its elevation.

TwoNav: It’s nice to see young people fully enjoying the mountains, what are you looking for in your outdoor sports?

Julien Dépagneux: Freedom, discovery and sharing that drive me every day to explore a new place with my friends.

TN: You went with us for the Trail2Challenge with our GPS Trail 2, we are very happy that you were able to go test another device, tell me what did you think of the Aventura 2?

JD: The Aventura 2 has an impressive autonomy, even after 4 days of trekking in ski touring, I still had 28% of battery. It allowed us to find our bearings during these 4 days in a massif that was unknown to us.

TN: Who would you recommend Aventura 2 to?

JD: To all the people who wish to leave for a trek of a few days without having the possibility of recharging in electricity but wishing to have a device allowing them to find their way and explore in complete safety.

TN: Other projects for the year?

JD: Initially we had planned to leave this winter in the Dolomites, but we had to review our plans and thus canceled our visit of this region, this summer / fall I would like to take my revenge and leave to explore this region.

TN: A personal word or encouragement for the community?

JD: One of the phrases that motivates me every day in my adventures is the one that inspires a lot of people and motivates a lot of people to explore is “Getting out of my comfort zone”.

Julien’s TOP TwoNav for his trip :

  • the Aventura 2 battery
  • the Aventura Joystick really nice with gloves 
  • Land, always