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Jesús Calleja, new TwoNav ambassador

We are really proud to present Jesús Calleja as our new TwoNav ambassador.

Jesús Calleja is a mountaineer, explorer and communicator. He is known for his incredible adventures in tv shows like”Desafío Extremo”, “Planeta Calleja” or “Volando voy”. He will use our GPS during his challenges.

“In my job I am very up to date with the latest technology. The safety of my team (and my own) depends on it, so when Trail 2 GPS fell into my hands I quickly realized that I had something new, different, robust, and above all very intuitive. It was what surprised me the most because I didn’t need a tutorial to understand how it works. It has never happened to me before.

But the surprises did not end there … they told me about their LAND application and that was the icing on the cake, all, I repeat, all the routes that I design I always do with this program which from my point of view is perfect, easier to use and faster is almost impossible “

We invite you to join him on his instagram channel (@jesuscallejatv), on YouTube (Jesús Calleja) and know all his news through his website

We can’t wait to continue his new adventures!

Picture by Solo Bicis